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Lth Tzu Electric Co., Ltd.


Lth Tzu Electric Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of AC power cords, DIN plugs & DIN jacks, mini power DIN & jacks, USB cables, car cigarette cables, PCMCIA frame kits, PCMCIA connectors & cables, coaxial cables, coaxial adaptors, CRT sockets, DC plugs & DC jacks, mini DIN plugs & sockets, IEEE 1394, plug-in saver chargers, telephone & LAM cables, LCD monitor adapters, cellular phone cables, medical cables, MP3 cables, video cables, wire harness, cable assembly, and so on.

Lih Tzu Electric Co., Ltd., established in 1980, is a professional manufacturer of AC/DC cables, all kinds of connectors, cable assembles, and sockets, etc. Apart from Taipei headquarter, we set up other 4 factories in Dongguan and Chung Shan, China in 1994, 1996, 1997 and 1998 respectively. Self innovation continuously is the way to make us always ready and capable for the cross century challenge. To approve our creative ability of our R&D department, also, our excellent management to serve our customers, we applied to ISO 9001 and got the certifications for both Taipei and China factories in April 1999. Excellent quality, competitive price, in time service and on time delivery are those customer concerned most. By our Total Quality Management system mentioned above, we are always optimistic stepping to the brighter tomorrow with our customers.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Ching-Yu Lin
Telephone: 886-2-29981083
Fax: 886-2-29934709
Address: No. 215, Hua Cheng Road, Hsin Chuang City, Taipei hsien 242, Taiwan
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