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Magnesium Castings

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Listings of Magnesium Castings Manufacturers & Magnesium Castings Suppliers

Magic Precision Inc. : Magnesium Castings

Manufacturer of die & mold casting products supply, products include magnesium die castings, aluminum die castings, zinc die castings, sand castings, gravity castings, precision die castings, pressure die castings, aluminum investment castings, metal die castings, and so forth.

Perfect Join Co., Ltd. : Magnesium Castings

We supply all OEM parts including casting parts, forging parts, die casting parts, stamping parts, plastic parts, hardware parts, CNC machining parts, electric products, rubber molded parts, injection molds, plastic insert moldings, blow molds, rubber moldings, medical plastic moldings, base molds, two shot moldings, over moldings, rubber casting molds, sand mold castings, custom molds, mold designs, die casting molds, metal molds, aluminum mold makings, metal forgings, metal stampings, gravity die castings...

Shin Long Precision Die Casting Co., Ltd. : Magnesium Castings

Manufacturer of die casting products including electronics components, bicycle & motorcycle parts, marine & outboard components, automotive parts, lighting components, industrial & building hardware parts, push botton parts, air compressor & generator parts, heat sink components.

Ningbo Yinzhou Saivs Machinery Co., Ltd. : Magnesium Castings

we provide die & mold, investment casting, lost wax process, complex shell process, sodium silicate shell process, soluble glass process, sand casting, die casting, stainless steel casting, propellers, discs, fittings, valve body, machining, axis, machinery parts, hydraulic parts, stainless steel quick couplings, aluminium, quick couplings, copper quick couplings, lost wax casting.

Yea Der Lih Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Magnesium Castings

we provide repair project, electric distribution engineering PVC pipes, universal display stands, architect guide template with plastic components, pvc foamed wood board, trimmer tool of concrete wall, PE box socket of electrical distribution, reverse osmosis water systems, water treatment equipments, RO water purifiers, single ( double) clip ball valves, leakage circuit breaker flow restrictor, water purification equipments components, RO fittings housing wrenches, ro membrane housings, RO tube connectors,...

D & M Golf International Co., Ltd : Magnesium Castings

sports ( sporting) goods, golf equipments- die castings, golfs, metal castings, Titanium drivers, wedges, driving iron, putters, left drivers, stainless steel chippers, forged iron, graphite shafts, rubber grips, head covers, ferrules, golf gloves, putting mats, utility golf clubs, golf club heads, custom golf club heads, golf clubs head covers, stainless steel golf heads, S.S woods, junior clubs, golf club irons, golf irons heads, golf club sets & components, golf accessory, golf bag accessory ( accessorie...

Lai Yue Industrial Co., Ltd. : Magnesium Castings

zinc die casting ( diecasting) product& magnesium alloy die casting products- cars ( automobiles, automotive, vehicles, motorcycles) parts, aftermarket automotive parts, custom-made car parts, hydraulic pressure valve body, pneumatic tools outer shell parts, 3C peripheral equipments & parts, camera outer shell parts, leather case parts, sanitation & bath tub parts, home hardware, door hardware, construction & building parts, PDA magnesium outer shell.

High Intellect Co., Ltd. : Magnesium Castings

Specialized in manufacturing of magnesium and aluminum die casting products, bicycle front fork and lower legs, seat racks, pneumatic guns, search light frames, LED display stands, camera parts, fan covers, mow heads, chainsaw oil tank and gear case, side panels, motorcycle gear housings, steering wheels, hubs, cylinder heads, gear cases, foot pedals, semi conductor plates, bicycle carriers, baby car parts, golf head engraving process, 3C product frames, CD cases, mobile phone cases, copying machine seats, ...

Fu Chia Electron (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. : Magnesium Castings

We provide a variety of dies and molds, With the certification of ISO 9001, QS 9000, and TS 16949, Skyrock supplies quality assured high pressure die casting products, such as aluminum castings, zinc die castings, magnesium die casting, best aluminum die casting parts, alloy die castings, electro plating, rack & barrel plate, surface plating and paintings, metal coating, vacuum coating, plastic coating paints, machining parts, cnc machining and etc. Products are widely used in the industry of electron, mech...

SZZT Electronics Group : Magnesium Castings

Manufacturer of telecommunication equipments & computer peripherals, include (1) kiosks, payphones, POS terminal & systems, metal keyboards, POS keyboards, card readers & writers. (2) aluminum die casting parts, zinc & magnesium alloy, payphone shell, various cabinets, ATM & kiosk outer cabinets, keypads, metal keypads, EMV migrating solutions, public telephone housings.

Joushing International Industrial Co., Ltd. : Magnesium Castings

industrial ( industry) die molding & casting supply ( supplies)- casting molds, casting mold, die casting molds, die casting mold, magnesium die casting, magnesium aluminum zinc molds ( moulding, mould, molding), zinc alloy die castings, automotive parts & components, luggage parts, LCD TV stands, forging ( forged) molds.

Minglida Group : Magnesium Castings

We manufacture many kinds of industrial supplies, such as die castings, plastic molds, aluminum alloy castings, aluminum ( aluminium) extrusions, aluminum alloy & bronze castings, aluminum gravity & pressure die castings, body castings, casting die molds, custom iron castings, progressive dies, wax castings, copper alloys, gray ductile irons, phosphor and silicon bronzes, tool steel castingsand castings, casting materials, die casting radiators, casting molds, custom injection mold makings, injection moldin...

Shin Mold Precision Industry Co, Ltd. : Magnesium Castings

We provide design and manufacturing of plastic injection molds, zinc die casting moldings, aluminum alloy die-casting moulds, magnesium alloy diecasting moulds and so forth.

Landsfair Technology Corporation : Magnesium Castings

die casting, aluminum& magnesium alloy, zinc alloy die casting parts
for notebook computer, LCD, PDA, cellular phone, camera, sport goods,
handheld tools, household equipment, housings, covers, frames, cases,
panels, bicycle parts, car parts, automotive seat frames, sleering
wheels, saddles, pedals, handlebars, stems, locks, pumps, seat posts,
shock absorbers, front forks, folding bicycles, clutch housig, cylinder
head covers, oil pump housings, door handles, sunroo...

Evertech (DG) Precise Tooling Manufacture Co., Ltd. : Magnesium Castings

industrial supplies- aluminum bronze & centrifugal castings, ductile iron & investment castings, precision & metal castings, aluminum sand & custom machining, aluminum investment castings & mold makings, aluminum die casting alloys ( parts, foundry), die casting process.


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