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Thermocouple Wires

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Listings of Thermocouple Wires Manufacturers & Thermocouple Wires Suppliers

Jian Horng Electrical Co., Ltd. : Thermocouple Wires

Manufacturer and exporter especially on the field of temperature control including (1) temperature controller, thermocouple, SCR, power regulator, SSR, solid state relay, extension wire, bi-metal thermometer, temperature transmitter, float level switch, capillary thermostat handheld digital thermometer, microprocessor PID controllers, thermocouples & RTD, electric heaters, temperature switches. (2) accessories- compensating wire.

Fulgent Electrical Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. : Thermocouple Wires

We provide (1) wires and cables - control cables, LSFH & rubber cables, PVC insulation & sheathed control & screened computer cables, extension & compensating cables, control shield cables, instrument control cables, flat elevator control cables, flat lift power cables, steel crane control cables, thermocouple extension wire. (2) audio & video cables- Aanlog multi-pair snake & microphone cables, guitar & keyboard & speaker cables, audio & video complex cables. (3) high flex bundled RGB coaxial cables.

Maxthermo-Gitta Group Corp. : Thermocouple Wires

Since 1978, Maxthermo-Gitt is the most professional team in the industry for providing automation appliances- PLCs ( programmable logic controllers), Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), PID temperature controllers, PID Temp. modules, panel PCs, industrial touch monitors, servo motors ( drivers), inertia motor, IGBT space vector inverters. (2) control instruments- timers, counters, SSR ( solid state relays), miniature S.C.R. ( SCR) power regulators, digital counters, voltage detecting protecting relays, industri...

A One Union Co., Ltd. : Thermocouple Wires

thermocouple& resistance bulb, scr phase controller,
, temperature transmitter, temperature probe, temperature extension
wire etc.. also supply their accessories and parts, equipments as well to other
supplies in this field.

A and Allplus Intl Co., Ltd. : Thermocouple Wires

various kinds of electrical parts & products including thermocouple & resistance bulbs, sheathed thermocouple & RTD, thermocouple probes/ extension wires/ heads, bi-meteal dial thermometers, pressure gauges, etc.

Far East Alloy Corp. : Thermocouple Wires

industrial hardwares& materials including temperature control materials, thermocouple
extension cables, ceramic fibers, cements, fire-bricks, heating wires, resistence wires,
MgO, titanium/ nickel/ copper alloy, nickel silver wires, nickel silver sheets, monels...

Hin Haw Electronic, Co., Ltd. : Thermocouple Wires

thermowell- RTD elements, thermocouples & assembly, temperature controllers,
SCR power controllers, hand- held probes, thermocouple wires,
band heater, cartridge heater, pipe heater,
flexible heater, strip heater, tubular and process assemblies,
thermocouple, handheld, temperature, R.T.D probes, connector, lead wire,
SCR power controllers, SSR, solid state relays, heater, thermowell.


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