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Magnetic Transducers

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Listings of Magnetic Transducers Manufacturers & Magnetic Transducers Suppliers

Koyo Electronics Co.,Ltd. : Magnetic Transducers

Manufacturer of high quality acoustic components such as mini speakers, Piezo buzzers, Piezo sirens, magnetic transducers, microphones, telephone ringers, receiver, beepers, sounder, micro speakers, microspeakers, RCV, multifunction speakers, noisecanceling, unidirectional and omnidirectional EC microphones.

Maxthermo-Gitta Group Corp. : Magnetic Transducers

Since 1978, Maxthermo-Gitt is the most professional team in the industry for providing automation appliances- PLCs ( programmable logic controllers), Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), PID temperature controllers, PID Temp. modules, panel PCs, industrial touch monitors, servo motors ( drivers), inertia motor, IGBT space vector inverters. (2) control instruments- timers, counters, SSR ( solid state relays), miniature S.C.R. ( SCR) power regulators, digital counters, voltage detecting protecting relays, industri...

OBO Seahorn electronic Co., Ltd. : Magnetic Transducers

various types of piezoelectric & magnetic buzzers, magnetic transducer,
electret condenser microphones, mylar speakers.

Hitpoint Inc. : Magnetic Transducers

piezo electric buzzers, piezo sounders, piezo
sirens, magnetic transducers, horn speakers, horn sirens, and piezo

SPK Electronics Co., Ltd. : Magnetic Transducers

electronic components "frequency control products" including quartz crystal units, oscillators,
filters ceramic resonators, filters saw resonators, filters, chip capacitors, switches, electret
condenser microphone units, plezoelectric ceramicelement& parts, ceramic arresters, magnetic
transducers, eletromahnetic buzzers.

OBO Pro.2 Incorporation : Magnetic Transducers

music instruments& accessories magnetic transducers, electret conderser microphones, mylar
speakers, piezoelectric buzzers.

Ariose Electronics Co., Ltd. : Magnetic Transducers

electornic audio equipments including piezo buzzers, sounders, receivers, speakers,
magnetic buzzers, transducers, dynamic receivers, electret condenser microphones, etc...

Din Sin Business Co., Ltd. : Magnetic Transducers

paper cone speaker, mylar speaker, thin type speaker, magnetic transducer,
piezo buzzer.


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