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Ceramic Capacitors

There are 54 manufacturers in this Ceramic Capacitors category, the follows are 1 - 20 [Page 1]:
Listings of Ceramic Capacitors Manufacturers & Ceramic Capacitors Suppliers

Stingray International Co., Ltd. : Ceramic Capacitors

electronic & electrical components- (1) capacitors- electrolytic capacitor, electrolytic capacitors, aluminum capacitors, multilayer capacitors, power capacitors, polypropylene capacitors , radial capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitors, MLCC, metal film capacitor, film capacitors, SMD ceramic capacitor, ceramic & polyester capacitors. (2) electronic resistors- variable resistor, power resistors, carbon film resistors, high voltage resistors, metal film resistor, metal film resistors, metal oxide film res...

ODEN Scientec Corporation : Ceramic Capacitors

(1) electronic parts& components including aluminum electrolytic capacitors,
film capacitors, ceramic capacitors, NTC/ PTC thermistors, metal oxide
varistors, inductors, power inverters...
(2) computer hardwares& softwares including printer ink cartridges& refill

Nine Big Co., Ltd. : Ceramic Capacitors

electronic components & parts- (1) EMC components- ferrite beads & 3-terminal filters, 3-terminal feed-through capacitors, choke coils, varistors, EMC filters, clamp filters, ferrite & amorphous cores, shield materials, radio wave absorbers, anechoic chambers. (2) ferrite & ferrite bead cores. (3) amorphous cores. (4) sensors- humidity & temperature sensors, electrical ( electromagnetic) & mechanical sensors, gear tooth sensor, NTC thermistors. (5) piezoelectronic products- ceramic filters & discriminators ...

Borntek Corporation Ltd. : Ceramic Capacitors

electronic parts & components- electrical connectors, coaxial connectors, coaxial cable, LMR cable, cable assembly/ assemblies, cable assemblies-test measurement, coils, couplers, DC/ DC ( dc to dc ) converters, attenuators, isolator & circulator, sub - system to 40 GHz, Up / down converters, diodes ( gunn, PIN, & schottky ), D sub-miniature connectors, fiber optic - connectors, adapters, cable, patchcords, pigtails, ceramic filters, cavity filters, hybrids, inductors, limiters, mixers, MMIC chip attenuato...

Gid Gloria Intl. Dev. Co., Ltd. : Ceramic Capacitors

exporter& importer of electronic components, equipments& materials including
automatic handler/ dispenser system, auto insertion/ soldering/ breaking system/
liquid coating machines, termination coating machine for chip resistors, laser
marking/ laser soldering/ welding/ scribing machine, COG mounting/ polarizer
stick machine, lighten testers, phenol& epoxy/ cleaning/ diamond powders, lead
frames, zinc wires, Ag/ conductive pastes, diacores( metal base PCB), diala...

Chiefcon Electronics Co., Ltd. : Ceramic Capacitors

Manufacturer of electrical parts & components, include ceramic capacitors, metallized film capacitor, PE film capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, double metallized film capacitors.

Ton-Whay Electronic Co., Ltd. : Ceramic Capacitors

Main products are (1) electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors, high voltage radial capacitors, metallized polypropylene film capacitors, plastics films & chip capacitors, audio capacitors, AC & DC capacitors, tantalum & trimmer capacitors, power & axial & polystyrene capacitors, characteristic & polyester capacitors, low ESR & SMD capacitors, disc capacitors, monolithic capacitors, MLCC ceramic capacitors, variable capacitors, electronic transformers, save energy transformers, electronic FCL & PLT, LED ...

Jenn Fu Electronic Corporation : Ceramic Capacitors

Manufacturer of film capacitors, including interference suppression capacitors, Class-X2 capacitors, MEB metallized polyester film capacitors, MKT metallized polyester film capacitors, MPX metallized polypropylene capacitors, MEC metallized polyester film capacitors, MEF metallized polyester film capacitors.

Dons Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Ceramic Capacitors

Manufacturer of electronic components & parts- attenuators, metal oxide varistors, ceramic chip capacitor, cement & chip resistor, film & fusible resistor, high voltage & power resistors, precision & surface mount resistors, resistor network, variable & wire wound resistor, characteristic & metallized film capacitors, motor & multilayer ceramic capacitors, polypropylene film capacitors, power & tantalum capacitors, AC & AC DC capacitors, aluminum electrolytic & audio capacitor, axial capacitor, humidity se...

Aid Electronics Corporation : Ceramic Capacitors

industrial ( industry) electrical & electronics components supply ( parts supplies)- (1) metallized ( metallised) film capacitors. (2) lighting components ( light fixture, fluorescent light fixtures)- lightings ( lights, lamps) capacitors, electrical starters, electronics ( electric) ballasts, magnetic ballasts. (3) IGBT Snubber capacitors. (4) noise suppression capacitors- X2 safety ( safe) capacitors. (5) box ( boxes) capacitor, axial capacitors, lighting capacitors, compressor capacitors, motor start & r...

Foshan Shunde Da Hua Electric Co., Ltd. : Ceramic Capacitors

electronic components & electrical parts- ceramic capacitors, ceramic capacitor, aluminum ( aluminium) electrolytic capacitor, axial & power capacitors, AC & DC capacitors, motor & film capacitors, metallized & polypropylene film capacitor, polypropylene capacitors, motor capacitors, high frequency induction heating capacitors, resisting electromagnetic wave interference filtering capacitors, DC epoxy capacitors, lighting ( lights) & lamp capacitors, air condition capacitors, high voltage & pressure capacit...

Chi Li Teh Co., Ltd. : Ceramic Capacitors

Manufacturer of electronic, electrical parts & components, capacitor, ceramic capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, film capacitors, polypropylene capacitors, metallized polypropylene capacitors, safety standard recognized capacitors, multilayer ceramic dip capacitors, ceramic disc capacitors, ceramic chip capacitors, ceramic AC capacitors, SMD electrolytic capacitor, radial & axial capacitors, mylar, tanta electrolytic capacitor.

Ten-Power Industrial Co., Ltd. : Ceramic Capacitors

an experienced manufacturer of capacitor- capacitors, film capacitor, film capacitors, ceramic capacitor, disc DC ceramic capacitor, multilayer ceramic capacitors, epoxy dipped multilayer ceramic capacitor, disc dc ceramic capacitor, electrolytic capacitors, metallized film capacitors, polypropylene film capacitors, metalized polypropylene film capacitors, polyester film capacitor, mini box capacitor, axial & radial dipped capacitors, varistors, Zinc Oxide varistor, surge arresters, surge arrestor, safety c...

Forever Electronic Co., Ltd. : Ceramic Capacitors

Manufacturer of ceramic capacitors, ceramic disk capacitors, piezoelectric/ ceramic buzzers, aluminum electrolytic capacitors and film capacitors.

Suntronic Industrial Co., Ltd. : Ceramic Capacitors

electronic components- polyester film inductive capacitors& non-
inductive capacitor, polypropylene film non-inductive capacitors,
metallized polyester& polypropylene film capacitor, aluminum
electrolytic capacitors for general use, ceramic disc capacitors.

Shenzhen Crystal Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. : Ceramic Capacitors

Manufacturer of quartz crystal electrical components, including SMD X'TAL, CXO, VCXO, TCXO, SMD CXO, SMD VCXO, ceramic resonators, SMD ceramic resonator, crystal filters, saw filters, crystal oscillator and resonators, DIP crystal oscillator, SMD crystal oscillator, SAW resonator, SAW filter, and custom-made products.

A Wellmart Electronics Co., Ltd. : Ceramic Capacitors

electronic components & parts- (1) glass fuses, ceramic fuses, SMD fuses, automobile fuses, fuse clips, potentionmeters- rotary potentionmeters semi-fixed resistors, SMD potentionmeters, P.I.R. & sensors, infrared diodes, seven segement displays, twin LEDs, insulated sheets, insulated caps, insulated pads, rubber pads, SMD resistors, capacitors, varistors, gastube, PTC, NTC, SMD semiconductors, regulator F.E.T schottky diocles, controller integrated circuits, power transistors, memory single chips, bridge d...

Heizitsu Technology Corporation : Ceramic Capacitors

antenna, cables, capacitors, ccd devices, chip inductors,connectors, converters, crystal filter and resonator, crystal oscillator, ceramic resonator and filter, duplexer, inverters, lcd driver, led, line filter, linear ic, microprocessors, opto device, relays, resisitors, saw devices, sockets, switches, thermistors, transistors, transformers, trimmers, varisttors, voltage regulators.

Kendu International : Ceramic Capacitors

connectors, plugs, jacks, swithces, fans, motors, LCD, LED displays, LED, resistors, capacitors,
crystal ceramic filters, saw filters, resonators, diodes, power cords, wire harnesses, mouse, keyboards, monitors,
motherboards, POS systems, power supplies.

Phonda Multi Co. : Ceramic Capacitors

(1) electrical appliances& accessories including CD players, Hi-Fi
systems, portable cassettes, home cinemas, speaker boxes, audio/
video tapes, bag sealers, coffee makers, fans, hair driers, irons,
refrigerators, toasters, vacuum cleaners.
(2) electronic products including zine oxide varistors, ceramic/
AC/ DC/ high voltage/ disc/ film/ chip capacitors, resistors,
switches, LCDs, jacks, connectors.


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