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Shade Nets

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Hsin Long Netting Co., Ltd.

safety nets/ netting, sports/ sporting nets & netting, golf course nets/ netting, equipment used for golf, golf supply/ supplies, engineering nets/ netting, construction safeguard nets/ netting, fishing nets/ netting, farm nets/ netting, agricultural & farm nets/ netting, shade/ shading nets & netting, wind break ( windbreak, wind breaking ) nets/ netting, protective mesh netting, netting manufacturers & suppliers, protective equipment.

Zhangjiagang Haitian Netting Industrial Co., Ltd.

sport net, sport nets, amusement nets, fish traps, pet safety nets, agriculture nets, shading nets, drying baskets.

Hsia Cheng Woven Textile Factory Co., Ltd.

woven textile- plastic woven nets, anti insect net screen meshes, anti hail net bird nets, shading nets alumnet, shade cloth, ground cover weed control mats non woven fabric, fiberglass reinforcement screens, scaffolding nets, geotexile geogrid silt fences, olive collecting nets silo nets & silo bags, UV protection shade clothes.

Hun-Kun Enterprise Co., Ltd.

(1) agricultural, farming & horticultural textile- Leno weaving shading nets, plain weaving shading nets, knitting shading nets, wind-breaking nets, weed control mats, insect screens, Hun Kun band (fixed tape), PET wire, plastic nets, plain weavings, knitting shading nets, wind breaking nets, weed control mats and insect screens, sun shade ( sunshade), double-layer nets, mesh fixed nets, plastic staples, strips, meshing nets, gardening utensils, functional shading nets, wind-breaking nets, weed control mats

Naite Net Work Technology Co., Ltd.

sports nets, net cages, net bags, pocket nets, cast nets, safety nets, ropes, floats, wire mesh nets, plastic nets, netting, shading nets,

Gold-Joint Industry Co., Ltd.

plastic products, geogrid & agriculture & construction nets,
geotextiles, pe nets including shading-nets, and screen netting for
agricultural purposes, etc.

Jenq Long Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

plastic nets & textile applied in agriculture- shading/ anti insect & bird/ windbreak/ weed control/ window-screen nets, geotextiles, substitute for spool of silk.

Lee Huang Industrial Co., Ltd.

industrial supply ( supplies)- plastic nets ( netting), nylon nets & processing, shade ( shading) netting, protective nets, shade ( shading ) cloths, wind break ( windbreak, wind breaking) netting, air filters, TPU nets.

Da Tzy Ran Enterprise Co., Ltd.

industrial & household processed products- (1) acid-proof plastic water tanks, alkali-proof plastic water tanks, anticorrosive plastic water tanks, plastic buckets, plastic injection boxes, trash dredge pipes, New Jersey barriers, plastic boxes, plastic cages. (2) plastic nets ( netting), snake cage netting, shade ( shading) nets, protective nets, snake cage netting. (3) other products- plastic amusement equipments & facilities.

Ever Rich Copn. Co., Ltd.

shade/ shading nets & netting, protective meshing netting-
knitted shading nets made of tape yarns & monofilement yarns, color shade/ shading nets & netting, wind breaking ( windbreak, wind break ) nets/ netting, scaffold nets/ netting, vegetable net bags, sunshade screens, insect nets/ netting, fence nets/ netting, shade nets for greenhouses/ green houses, shade cloths, netting manufacturers & suppliers.


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