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Metal Borers

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Trinkle Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of (1) CNC & magnetic core drilling machine, pipe notchers, drills grinder, remolift, shear wrench, electric torque wrench, Li-lon cordless power tool, auto drill machine, tension calibrator, mini drivers, impact drivers, impact wrench, steel structure processing machinery. (2) used machinery- ABUS cranes systems, electric hoists, HB-systems with monorail tracks, SIGA/TONE electric shear wrench, electric torque wrench, MIYANAGA shank cutters, TAKEDA processing machine for steel structure, JANCY

Shajeng Hardware Co., Ltd.

a comprehensive range of tungsten carbide tipped hole saws and hole
cutters, T.C.T. hole saw, T.C.T. hole cutter, metal borer, broach,
core drill suitable for magnetic drill, adjustable hole cutter,
folding saw, and foldable saw.

Nan Hua Industrial Plant

industrial ( industry) supply ( supplies)- metal borer, metal borer, sewing equipment, sewing equipments, textile machine parts, textile machine part, textile machinery parts, hiraoka borers, saurer borers, lasser borer, zangs borers.

Letterman United Corp.

Woodworking hand tools including saws, vises& clamps, wood turning tools,
planes& rasps, sandings& scrapings,router bits, measuring tools ,sharpenings, workbrenches,
finishing-airbrush kit, mini spray gun, hobby spray gun, gluing tools, wood boring tools,
shop accessories, power craving, picture framing, screwdriver bits, wire brushes, drill bits,
impact socket, metal borer, abrasives,chisels, veneer patterns, fasteners.


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