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Trinkle Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Trinkle Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of (1) CNC & magnetic core drilling machine, pipe notchers, drills grinder, remolift, shear wrench, electric torque wrench, Li-lon cordless power tool, auto drill machine, tension calibrator, mini drivers, impact drivers, impact wrench, steel structure processing machinery. (2) used machinery- ABUS cranes systems, electric hoists, HB-systems with monorail tracks, SIGA/TONE electric shear wrench, electric torque wrench, MIYANAGA shank cutters, TAKEDA processing machine for steel structure, JANCY/BDS/HOUGEN magnetic drilling machines, ALMI pipe notchers, ALKI heavy-torque wrenches, PROMOTECH portable chamfering machines, AIRLESSCO airless paint sprayers, KOHORI portable clamping drillers (borers).

Within nearly 20 years of experienced, Trinkle Enterprise Co., Ltd. focuses on holding technique and processing for steel structure builders. We now are the major supplier and the unique manufacturer in auto drilling machines. These machines made by TRINKLE, named TFI, have won prestigious reputation in this field. Our major products include CNC drilling machines, magnetic core drilling machines, pipe notchers, drill grinders, remolifts, shear wrenches, Li-Ion cordless power tools. And we are also the official representatives of ABUS German crane system. Besides, we take orders for customers who like used machines in good quality and low-cost overhauled condition. We always keep on R&D to develop more products for the market. Trinkle appreciates the supports from satisfied customers. We will continue to do our utmost by innovating more products. Moreover, punctual delivery, competitive price and the best service are our guarantee. If you are looking for the best manufacturer, please feel free to email or contact us.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Ms. Vernus Chang
Telephone: 886-4-23581123
Fax: 886-4-23581138
Address: No. 8, 31st Road, Industrial Park, Taichung City, 40768, Taiwan
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