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Fire Hose Manufacturer

There are 12 manufacturers in this Fire Hose Manufacturer category, the follows are 1 - 12 [Page 1]:
Listings of Fire Hose Manufacturer Manufacturers & Fire Hose Manufacturer Suppliers

Chang Der Fire Protections Corporation : Fire Hose Manufacturer

Manufacture of security and safety products include fire protection equipments, automatic sprinklers, foam heads, vertical foam liquid tanks, manual switches & end test devices, fire hose couplings, angle/reducing hose valves, flanged hydrant valves, brass straight stream nozzles & spray heads, belted hose nozzles, belted non-recoil hose nozzles, foam nozzles & generators, fire department connections, brass adapters, brass caps & plugs, fire extinguishers, exit light & emergency direction lights, emergency ...

Toford Plastic Manufacturing Corporation : Fire Hose Manufacturer

(1) HDPE Pipe and Fitting- gas pipe, portable pipe, drainage & sewerage pipe, pneumatic tubes, coiled pneumatic tubes, electrofusion fitting, buttwelding fittings, compression fitting.
(2) PVC hose- clear vinyl hose, braided vinyl hose, garden ( water) hose, fire hose, flat hose, LP gas hose, fuel hose, air hose, shower hose, irrigation hose.
(3) Fish cage and Bracket.
(4) Misting system- patio and portable kit, misting ring, mini pump, Medium/High pressure pump, components, misting n...

Zhong Xin Industrial Company : Fire Hose Manufacturer

fire box, fire boxes, marine red flare signal, marine red flare signal parachute signal, marine orange-colored smoke signal, lifebuoy self-flash floating lamp smoke signal, lifebuoy orange-colored smoke signal, marine life line thrower, marine life line thrower apparatus, hydrostatic release, thermal protective aids, insulated immersion suit, breathing apparatus for diuers, zinc plate, life buoy, life jacke, drinking water and food for life emergency, fog clocks, lifeboat sea anchors, liferafts, self-contai...

Jun Long Co., Ltd. : Fire Hose Manufacturer

fire fighting equipments- (1) fire box, fire boxes- box hydrants, the switch boxes, outside & indoor fire hydrant boxes, fire hose, control and wiring boxes. (2) valves- angle hose valves, hydrant valves, reducing hydrant valves, pressure reducing angle valve, 180° hydrant valves, landing & flanged hydrant landing valves, together open and the alarm check valves. (3) maintenance of fire detection equipment- pit dollars, heating tests, stepped smoke testers, test for browns. (4) fire safety systems, iron mat...

Beijing Wuzhou Yanyang Special Textile Co., Ltd. : Fire Hose Manufacturer

variety of polyurethane coated products- polyurethane tubings, polyurethane hoses, soft oil tank, soft oil delivery pipes, portable oil bags, thin pu fire hoses, spill containment berms, portable bladders, emergency repair kits, line-cleaning devices, hose hoppers and more.

Senter Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Fire Hose Manufacturer

rubber hoseter, flexible expansion joint, dry cement hose, dredge hose, fire resistant hose, sandblast hose, concrete pumping hose, reverse piling hose.

Fu Sheng Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd. : Fire Hose Manufacturer

industrial rubber hose, pvc hoses, air hoses, welding hoses, welding equipment, welding accessory/ accessories, fire hoses, oil hoses, fuel hoses, petrol hoses, LPG hoses, propane hoses, red fire reel hoses, suction hoses, garden hoses, garden accessory/ accessories, transparent net hoses, braid hoses, EPDM tubes, clear hoses, washing machine hoses, pneumatic tools, pneumatic components, cutting accessory/ accessories, fitting, clamp, extruded profiles, shaker screens, plastic tubing, TPR tubes/ tubing, pvc...

Feng Rui Chen Rubber-Plastic Products Co., Ltd. : Fire Hose Manufacturer

soaker hoses, fire hoses, PVC garden hoses, enforcement hoses, spiral hoses, single transparent hoses, PVC air hoses, rubber belts, rubber-plastic products.

Jitone Hose Co., Ltd. : Fire Hose Manufacturer

PVC hoses, garden hose, washing machine hose, PVC high pressure hose, Gas hose, LGP hose, stainless steel braided hose, PVC shower hose, fire hose etc.

Ban Chang Hardware Co., Ltd. : Fire Hose Manufacturer

various valve products ( brass/ bronze) and fire fighting products including ball valve, hose valve, gate valve, check valve, ball valves, faucets, plumbing fittings, bathroom accessory, bath accessories, bathroom hardware, bathroom fixture, pipe fittings, OEM products.

So Chiao Industry Corporation : Fire Hose Manufacturer

fire fighting / protection equipment, facilities including hoses & couplings, fire hydrants, hose nozzles, adapters, fitting, automatic descent devices, fire detector, emergency light, sprinkler

Hebei Jing Xian Hua Xing Special Rubber Hose Limited Company. : Fire Hose Manufacturer

flexible steel hoses, fire retarded antistatic high pressure wire spiral rubber hoses, high pressure braided rubber hose, and refractory rubber hose.


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