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Chang Der Fire Protections Corporation


Chang Der Fire Protections Corporation

Manufacture of security and safety products include fire protection equipments, automatic sprinklers, foam heads, vertical foam liquid tanks, manual switches & end test devices, fire hose couplings, angle/reducing hose valves, flanged hydrant valves, brass straight stream nozzles & spray heads, belted hose nozzles, belted non-recoil hose nozzles, foam nozzles & generators, fire department connections, brass adapters, brass caps & plugs, fire extinguishers, exit light & emergency direction lights, emergency lightings, smoke & heat detectors, and slowly descending devices.

Chang Der Fire Protections Corp. is a professional manufacturer of high quality fire fighting equipments. The brand CD (Chang Der) is a trade-mark which created by industries that are in compliance with hundred years of fire fighting conception and conscience. The product qualities are relative to the safety of all human's lives and their properties. In order to promote the products, we have invested a large amount of capital to conduct the research and development, leading to the advanced automated production facilities, and the entire system test instruments. Regarding the quality control, we have ISO 9001 certification and BSMI (Bureau of Standard, Metrology and Inspection) Certified Quality System. Furthermore, some products are UL listed, and the series products are exported worldwide.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Ken Shi
Telephone: 886-4-7988822
Fax: 886-4-7988833
Address: No. 65, Hsin Gong Rd., Shenkang, Changhua Hsien 509, Taiwan
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