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Textile Machinery Parts

There are 21 manufacturers in this Textile Machinery Parts category, the follows are 1 - 20 [Page 1]:
Listings of Textile Machinery Parts Manufacturers & Textile Machinery Parts Suppliers

Hei Full Industrial Co., Ltd. : Textile Machinery Parts

lost wax investment casting products- pneumatic tool & textile machine parts, automotives ( cars, vehicles, automobiles, auto) parts, marine & boat hardware, food processing machinery & sports ( sporting) facility parts, aerospace & military parts, fluid equipment & industrial machinery parts, pipe fitting & copper, aluminum alloy parts, carbon steel & stainless steel & alloy steel hardware, chemical equipment parts, alloys, precision hardware parts, air drive tools, precision metal stamping parts, precisio...

Chia-Li Electron Machine Co., Ltd. : Textile Machinery Parts

Manufacturer of (1) ultrasonic & acrylic cleaners, optical glass machines, frame manual cleaners, systems & solutions, dying machineries, strengthening machines, dryers, static eliminating equipments, chemical plants, plastics machinery, textile finishing machines, mini dehumidifier, milk bottle warmers, assembling, automatic cleaners, SIMCO static equipments, aerostat XC ionizing air blowers, digital electrostatic fieldmeters. (2) dyeing chemical tonors, strengthening chemicals, NK sunclean, anti-mist coat...

Dongying J-cast Precision Metal Co., Ltd. : Textile Machinery Parts

Manufacturer of investment casting and machining, carbon steels, stainless steels, low alloy steels, tool steels, ductile iron, and copper steels products, machines parts of pneumatic tools, fluid equipments part, cars accessory, sports equipment components, food machineries parts, textile machinery parts, pipe fittings, marine hardware, lock components, building hardware, stainless steel casts, precision metal castings, OEM parts and so forth.

Thread Master Co., Ltd. : Textile Machinery Parts

Manufacturer of auto sewing thread winder, automatic wefting bobbin winder, auto mini thread bobbin winder, auto mini thread bobbin winder, H-shaped bobbin winder and precision cross cone winder.

LKM Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd. : Textile Machinery Parts

Manufacture of knitting machine, single/double knitting machine, computerized single-knit jacquard machine, single knit machine, 3-thread fleece knit machine, single terry machine, PK single terry machine, 37 step jacquard double jersey machine, open width take down machine.

J.T.M.Technology Co., Ltd. : Textile Machinery Parts

We offer a comprehensive range of testing equipment, such as office chair & stroller testing machine, universal testing machine, rubber & plastic testing machine, textile testing machine, paper testing machine, footwear & leather testing machine, metal material testing machine, sports & bike testing machine, hand tool testing machine, electric appliance test machine, auto parts testing machine, electronic wire/ cable/ electrician appliance tester, automatic testing equipment, glass compression tester, vibra...

Anhui Light Industries International Co., Ltd. : Textile Machinery Parts

tire lock, tire locks, light industrial products, arts and crafts, medicines and health products, chemicals, machinery and electronic products, enamelware, lamps, home appliances, hardware and tools, bicycles and parts, electronic and IT products, vehicle accessories and components, ceramics, glassware, footwear and headwear, candles, bags and suitcases, garments, textiles, hotel & in-flight products, working protective goods, furniture, toys, gifts, office appliance and stationery, kitchen utensils, cleane...

A.H.A International Co., Ltd. ( A.H.A) : Textile Machinery Parts

baby carriages, bicycles, bicycle spare parts, baby strollers, folding bicycles, scooters, E bicycles, pharmaceuticals, chemicals foods & nutrition, rubber and plastic products, machinery & electrical products, auto parts & accessories, light industrial products, hardware, metals and mineral products, textile and garments, daily use products, building & sanitary products, toys & gifts.

Kinfuren Industrial Co.,Ltd : Textile Machinery Parts

Kinfuren specializes in designing and supplying a various of alloy investment casting for many applications, such as:
1. architectural products
2. business machines
3. construction machinery
4. construction tools
5. exploration drilling equipment
6. food service equipment
7. medical equipment
8. military defense equipment
9. precision optical equipment
10. sporting products
11. textile machinery

Alloymax Precision Casting Co., Ltd. : Textile Machinery Parts

die & mold, lost wax precision casting, steel & iron casting- agricultural machinery parts, aero space & military parts, motorbike ( motorcycle) & electronic machinery parts, food & industrial machinery parts, marine hardware, machine tool & pipe accessories, valves, sport facility & textile machinery parts, non-ferrous products, casting golf club heads, custom-made golf clubs, equipments & parts, aviation products, aftermarket automobile ( cars, vehicles, automotive ) parts, custom-made car parts, petroche...

Nan Hua Industrial Plant : Textile Machinery Parts

industrial ( industry) supply ( supplies)- metal borer, metal borer, sewing equipment, sewing equipments, textile machine parts, textile machine part, textile machinery parts, hiraoka borers, saurer borers, lasser borer, zangs borers.

Fong Chair Industrial Co., Ltd. : Textile Machinery Parts

specialized in manufacturing metallurgic powder products & textiles products- mechanical parts, self-lubrication bearings, home electrical appliance, sewing equipment parts, agricultural machinery parts, office equipment parts, metal parts, hand tools parts, lock parts, toy parts, auto ( automotive, automobile, car, vehicle) parts, gear wheel.

Yiboda Industrial Co., Ltd. : Textile Machinery Parts

Manufacturer of industrial embroidery machine- quilting sewing machines, computerized quilting embroidery, computerized mechanical multi-needle quilting, bobbin winder, garments machine, lock stitch multi needle row quilting, digital control multi needle quilting and cam model quilting machines, sequins, cording device, quilting machine parts.

Lih Kuang Industry Co., Ltd. : Textile Machinery Parts

1. Stock shapes of rods, tubes, sheets and parts of diversified high-performance plastic composites which have the characteristics of wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant and anti-chemical corrosion, such as, Polyimide (Vespel), PEEK, PEKK, PBI, PEI, PPS, Teflon, TPI, POM, Nylon (PA), PP, Kapton, PI and PE.
2. Specification Parts: Self-lubricant bearings, wear-resistant bushes (sleeves), films (PI film, Kapton film) and balls made of variety materials, such as POM, PA, PP, GLASS, Silicon Nitri...

Chieh Da Co., Ltd. : Textile Machinery Parts

(1) hardware, hand tools including textile cleaning guns, tagging guns,
cloth cutters, and electric steam irons.
(2) machinery/ machines parts including sewing amchines, cutting & bag
closing machines, motors, etc.

Ichan Jenn Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Textile Machinery Parts

(1) textile machinery, machines parts including oil press machines,plastic machines,
and machinery hardware parts.
(2) texiles, garments accessories including knitting cloth, bags, and wood/ plastic/ linen
fiber handicraft goods.

Sunda Machinery Co., Ltd. : Textile Machinery Parts

textiles( fabrics& garments)knitting machinery, machines parts&
equipment including single/ double locked pile machines, driving axis,
oil sinking gears, cylinders, needles, oil/ yarn feeders, frequency
inverter, clothes rollers, etc.

Friendly Manufacturers Corporation : Textile Machinery Parts

(1) textiles/sewing / ceramics/ hardwares/ machinery, machine parts/ tools,
equipment& parts. (2) pewter/ ceramic/ polyresin/ cast iron/ brass made
giftwares, tablewares, furnishing decorations, musical boxes, planters,
statuettes, etc. (3) hand tools- pneumatic/ power/ garden tools, tool
boxes& accessories.

San Da Circular Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd. : Textile Machinery Parts

textiles/ knitting industrial machinery& equipment including single/ double
knitting machines, locked pile machines& parts( feeders, inverters, rollers,
needles, cylinders, etc.)

Shin Yih Precision Casting Co., Ltd. : Textile Machinery Parts

(1) plumbing- valves.
(2) hardware including weapon, electric, and mechanic parts.
(3) textiles accessories including textile and sawing parts.
(4) machinery parts including various kinds of machine and hydraulic parts,
air tools and packaging machine parts.


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