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Lih Kuang Industry Co., Ltd.


Lih Kuang Industry Co., Ltd.

1. Stock shapes of rods, tubes, sheets and parts of diversified high-performance plastic composites which have the characteristics of wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant and anti-chemical corrosion, such as, Polyimide (Vespel), PEEK, PEKK, PBI, PEI, PPS, Teflon, TPI, POM, Nylon (PA), PP, Kapton, PI and PE.
2. Specification Parts: Self-lubricant bearings, wear-resistant bushes (sleeves), films (PI film, Kapton film) and balls made of variety materials, such as POM, PA, PP, GLASS, Silicon Nitride(Si3N4)…etc.
3. Critical parts applied in the industry:
(1) Textile machinery parts: one way valve (Tsudakoma), Gas control valve, bearings and bushes…etc.
(2) Pneumatic Tool parts: vanes, rotors, wear-resistant bushes…etc.
(3) Electronics/Semiconductors/Test fixture parts: test socket, lift pin, screws, sleeves, washers, flameproof silicon tubes, ESD grade parts…etc.
(4) Industrial Machinery Parts: heat insulation flakes (hot runner system), rollers, self-lubricant bearings, wear-resistant bushes, oil seals, washers, o-rings, piston rings, seals, TPI10 wear-resistant rings/flakes, TPI10 piston rings, gears…etc.
We also accept ODM / OEM.

Lih Kuang Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1983. For the past years, we provide many outstanding high-performance composite plastics and meanwhile, we constantly pursue technological innovation and keep improving to achieve excellence. Besides in this changing era, Lih Kuang continuously innovates, and consecutively put effort in the development of new materials in order to increase the competitiveness of the products as well as its added-value. In order to provide better services, Lih Kuang is not only providing high-performance engineering plastics, but also committing to assist customers in various industries to develop their key components. As a result, the customers are able to lower their production costs and enhance their products’ level as well as the competitiveness in the industry. After twenty more years experiences in the industries, the scope of Lih Kuang’s services is now available in various industries such as electronics, semiconductors, test fixtures, pneumatic tools, TFT-LCD equipments, medicals, textile machinery, mold & die, PCB, pumps, autos and green energy industry...etc.
Categories:   Pressure Washers   High Pressure Washers   Performance Car Parts   Auto Engine Bearing   Automotive Gaskets   Engine Gaskets   Engine Oil Pumps   Engine Pistons   Piston Rods   Piston Seals   Car Wash Equipment   Car Mufflers   Muffler Manufacturers   Muffler Pipes   Performance Mufflers   Automobile Water Pumps   Hydraulic Shock Absorbers   Auto Body Parts   Automobile Shock Absorbers   High Performance Auto Parts   Energy Water   Chain Covers   Composite Materials   Medical Gas   Automotive Composite Manufacturers   Electronic Chemicals   Textile Chemical   Silicone Bras   Medical PC   Silicon Bronze   Silicon Injection Molding   Silicone Molds   Medical Plastic Molding   Base Mold   Mold Making Materials   Glass Chip   MLCC Manufacturers   Electronic Test Equipments   Test Pins   Ceramic Sleeves   PCB Engineering   PCB Engineerings   Innovative Products   Titanium Rings   Hydraulic Valves   Air Solenoid Valves   Air Control Valves   Air Release Valves   Automotive Engine Performance Valves   Brass Valves   One Way Valves   PTFE Valves   Standard Valves   Steel Strips   Auto Body Tools   Car Wash Tools Manufacturers   Tubing Tools   Brass Mufflers   Hydraulics Valves   Hydraulic Solenoid Valves   Ball Bearing Slide   Ceramic Ball Bearing   Industrial Ball Bearing   Plastic Ball Bearing   Precision Ball Bearings   Precision Steel Balls   Roller Ball Bearing   Stainless Steel Ball Bearing   Steel Ball Bearings   Thrust Ball Bearing   Air Bearings   Ball Bearings   Bearing Needle Rollers   Ceramic Bearing   Engine Bearings   Needle Bearings   Plastic Bearings   Pecision Bearing   PTFE Bearings   Sleeve Bearing   Specialty Bearings   Titanium Screw   Nylon Fastener   PTFE Gasket   Teflon Seals   Gear Shafs   Plastic Gears   Aluminum Tubing   Brass Tubes   PTFE Tubes   PTFE Tubing   Stainless Medical Tubing   Guide Bushes   Guide Pins   Anti Static Products   High Temperature Plastic   Plastic Compounders   Air Compressor Pumps   Chemical Pumps   Compound Plate   Nylon Composites   Needle Roller   Abrasive Tools   Silicon Oils   Silicon Sheets   Precision Shafts   Ceramic Tubes   Tailor Scissors   Roller Blade Manufacturers   Anti-static Films   Release Film   Antistatic Packaging Material   PTFE Films   Semiconductor Packaging Material   Anti Static Tapes   Industrial Tapes   Insulation Tapes   Kapton Tapes   Packing Tapes   Specialty Tape   Teflon Tapes   Aluminum Ball Valves   PVC and Plastic Ball Valves   Stainless Steel Rings   ABS Pipes   Teflon Tubing   Silencer   Pressure Washer Manufacturers   Textile Machinery Parts   Sheet Metal Machinery   Sealing Machine   Injection Mold Press   Ceramic Machinery   MLCC Equipments   PCB Machines   Dyeing Finishing Machines   Finishing Machines   Textile Automation Machinery   Textile Finishing Machines   PCB Equipment   Piston Pumps   Plastic Toy Manufacturers   Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing   Dyeing Machines   Pinball Machines
Country: Taiwan
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