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Dental Flosses

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Yangzhou Meihappy Plastic & Rubber Factory

We are a professional supplier and exporter of dental floss, dental floss pick, manual toothbrush for adult & children, dental stain remover, oral care products and other commodity.

Chan Guare Industy Co., Ltd.

hygienic & sanitary products- (1) equipment cleansing wet wipes- shoe shine wipes, CD cleansing wipes, 3C surface cleansing wipes, screen cleansing wipes, lens cleaning wipes, kitchen cleansing wipes, floor wipes, telephone cleansing wipes. (2) skin cleansing wipes- beauty towels, moist towelettes, make-up remover cloths, nail polishes ( nailpolishes), remover tissues, mint-flavored facial cooler wet wipes, insect repellent wet wipes. (3) feminine & baby wet wipes- baby wipes, baby towels, kid antibacterial

Flightek Co., Ltd.

medical supply ( supplies), health care products & oral hygiene care products- dental flossers, flosser refills, mirror floss, hygiene palm floss, tongue scrapes, toothbrush racks, periodontal brushes, stackable racks, logo imprinted products, custom-made products, oral toothbrushes, gum brushes, dental floss handles.

Hung Kuo Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd.

Supplier of medical & surgical equipment- dental implant system, endopore implants, oral implants, GBR & GTR material, dental materials, commission & equipment, mini bone screws, dental motors, bone graft material, distractor, titanium meshes, membranes, PRF ( VPRF) & PRP technique, sinus lift, expanding chisels, osteotome, sutures, burs, intra lock, MDL, MILO, train course, internal connection, dental resins, miscellaneous dental golds & alloys, gypsum products, dental waxes, impression materials, restorat

Minova International Co., Ltd.

(1) dental floss & accessories- dental ez-flosser, interdental brush.
(2) diving equipments- diving drink suppliers, divers knife.

Shanghai Lede Plastic Product Factory.

toothpick manufacturers, toothpicks, dental flosses, cotton-ball sticks, household plastics.

Yangzhou Royal Home Products Manufacture Co., Ltd.

dental flosses & flosser-picks, flosser-picks, dental flosses, toothbrushes, kid toothbrushes, adult toothbrushes, toothpastes.

Yangzhou New Thinking Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.

dental flosses, toothbrushes, toothpastes, chemical commodities, hotel products, baby products.

Weihai Jieshi Cmmodity Co., Ltd.

dental flosses, dental floss picks, odontoscopes, probes, non-returnable forceps.


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