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Cosmetic Brushes

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Shenzhen J&D Electrical Co., Ltd. ( Goldsan )

J&D supplies series of water packaging and treatment systems such as (1) bottle filling machines, bottle washing filling & capping machines, bottle blowing, sealing & shrinking packagers. (2)cosmetic & desktop water & wine coolers, keg, bottle and can making machines. (3) RO water system, water purifications, water filters. (4) GE water dispenser, kitchen aid hot water dispenser. (5) barrel brushers, cap feeding machines, air compressors, conveying belts, beverage mixers.

Ningbo Free Trade Zone Trust International Co., Ltd.

cosmetics beauty products- (1) cosmetic brushes- blush brush, art nail brushes, mask brush, eye applicators, lip brushes, hard/leather case brush sets, retractable brush. (2) cosmetic sponge and puff- nr/nbr/sbr/cellulose/pva sponges, tampon and cotton bud. (3) manicure sets- blister cards. (4) cosmetics mirrors- luxury compact mirror, aluminium compact mirrors, metal/plastic stand mirror, mirror with comb, single/double compact mirrors, handle mirror, wooden mirror. (5) nail file and buffers- sapphire file

Qinhuangdao Yongbang Trading Co., Ltd.

kabuki brush, kabuki brushes, woven bags, woven sacks, shopping bags, aluminum mirrors, cosmetic bags, pet brushes, pumice stones.

Shenzhen City Xinlei Brush Produce Factory

kabuki brush, kabuki brushes, cosmetic brushes, cosmetic bags, make upe brushes, professional brush sets, make up brush kits, make up brushes, cosmetic brush sets, professional brush sets.

Shenzhen Lanfung Cosmetic Accessories Manufactory

kabuki brush, kabuki brushes, cosmetic brushes, make up brushes, makeup brushes, cosmetic sponges.

Guangzhou Noconi Cosmetics & Accessories Co., Ltd.

kabuki brush, kabuki brushes, cosmetic brushes, cosmetic sets, cosmetic hardwares.

Shantou Yahongda Cosmetic Brush Co., Ltd.

kabuki brush, kabuki brushes, cosmetic brushes, cosmetic sets, makeup brushes.

Zhuoerya Cosmetic Kits Co., Ltd.

kabuki brush, kabuki brushes, makeup brush sets, cosmetic brush sets, fan brushes, kohl brushes, powder brushes, face brushes, blush blending brushes, foundation brushes.

Shenzhen Fullness Industrial Co., Ltd.

make up sponge, make up sponges, cosmetic sets, cosmetic brushes, mirror & comb.

Shantou Baolina Cosmetics Industrial Co., Ltd.

cosmetic skin care, lipsticks, lip balms, lip glosses, face brushers, mascaras, eye liners, nail polishes, eye shadows, face powders.

Yiwu Saifei Beauty Apparatuses Co., Ltd.

eyelash beautys, cosmetic brush sets, eyeshadow brushes, lip brushes, gifted brushes, blush brushes, eyeshadowes, eyeliners, lipsticks, mascaras, foundations, nail polishes, powder puffs.

Zhuoerya Cosmetic Kits Co., Ltd.

eyelash beautys, cosmetic brushes, single powder brushes, eye shadow brushes, lip brushes, nail brushes, hair rollers, hair curlers.

JDK (HK) International Co., Ltd.

cosmetic skin cares, blush brushes, powder puffs, large contour brushes.

Shantou Haida Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

high-quality improve looks suit brushes, makeup boxs, lipstick pens, eye shadow, cosmetic blushes, lipsticks,

Jing County Runfa Craft Arts Co., Ltd.

nylon paint brushes, oil paint brushes, weasel tail hair brushes, watercolor brushes, pastel brushes, cosmetic brushes, and PC dust-cleaning brushes,

Shijiazhuang Dongshen Hair Brush Co., Ltd.

cosmetic brushes, powder brush, brush set, powder brush, blusher brush, lip brush, eyebrow brush and other kinds of hair brushes.

Ningbo Chindr Industry Co., Ltd.

cosmetic brushes, high-class cosmetic mirrors, stationery, photo frames, key chains, bottle openers, mini torches and binoculars

PYI (Yangdong) Industrial Co., Ltd.

cosmetic brushes, BBQ tools, manicures, pocket knifes, wine openers, kitchen knifes

Manqijiaren Cosmetic Brush Co., Ltd.

cosmetic brushes, cosmetic tools.

Yahongda Cosmetics Brushes Co., Ltd.

cosmetic brushes.


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