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Zinc Oxides

There are 24 manufacturers in this Zinc Oxides category, the follows are 1 - 20 [Page 1]:
Listings of Zinc Oxides Manufacturers & Zinc Oxides Suppliers

Hsien Ang Industry Co., Ltd. : Zinc Oxides

chemical materials- zinc chloride ( ZnCl2 ), zinc sulfate, active zinc oxide ( ZnO ), zinc carbonate ( ZnCO3 ), germanium tetrachloride, GeCl4, zincl2, active zinc oxide, ZNSO4, silicon tetrachloride, sicl4, zinc ammonium chloride, zinc white, zinc acetate, rubber activators.

Waynetel Industrial Co., Ltd. : Zinc Oxides

Manufacturer of bolts, including carriage bolts, track bolts.

Guangxi Wuxing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. : Zinc Oxides

industrial chemical products- 1. feed additives: manganese sulphate, copper sulfate, calcium iodate thinner, zinc sulphate, ferrous sulphate, cobalt sulfate thinner, magnesium sulphate, sodium selenite thinner, calcium iodate, methionine zinc, sodium sulphate, L-lysine iron, zinc oxide, cobalt chloride, sodium selenit. 2. chemical for coal: sodium carbonate, coal tar, urea, ammonium chloride, polyethylene, coke. 3. chemical for paper: corrugated boards, hydrogen peroxide, wood pulp, bleached bagasse, tapioc...

Changzhou Hualian Health Dressing Co., Ltd. : Zinc Oxides

surgical tapes, zinc oxide adhesive plaster, low anaphylactic medical adhesive tapes, wound adhesive plaster, adhesive dressing.

Zhong Tian Healthful Material Co., Ltd. : Zinc Oxides

surgical tapes, zinc oxide adhesive plaster, PE surgical tape, silk surgical tape, waterproof surgical tape, paper surgical tape, adhesive wound plaster.

Zhejiang Hengda Electric Science and Technology Co., Ltd. : Zinc Oxides

(1) surge arrestors- metal oxide surge arrester, Polymer housed surge arrester, Porcelain housed surge arresters, lightning arresters. (2) varisors- zinc oxide varistor, metal oxide varisors. (3) composite insulators- suspension composite insulator, line post insulators. (4) fuse cutouts- expulsion fuse cutout, Polymer housed fuse cutouts, drop-out fuse. (5) disconnecting switches.

Foshan Weijun Non-ferrous Metals Co., Ltd. : Zinc Oxides

industrial chemicals products- copper oxide, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, zinc dust, zinc powder, selenium powders, selenium ingot, selenium dioxide, cobalt oxide, copper sulfate ( copper sulphate), tellurium, gallium, bismuth, bismuth trioxide, electrolytic manganese metal, yttria oxide.

Shanghai Lvyuan Fine Chemical Plant : Zinc Oxides

chemicals products- chromium picolinate, chromium polynicotinate, chromium methionine, chromium glycine, feed additives, chromium gluconate, L/DL-magnesium aspartate, Zinc Methionine, Cuprous sulfate, Sodium Phosphate, Sodium phosphate monobasic dihydrate, Calcium Aspartate, Bismuth Subcarbonate, Potassium periodate, Ferrous Methionine, Copper Methionine, Copper Gluconate, Copper Picolinate, Copper Lysine complex, Copper Glycine, Sodium Periodate, Selenomethionine, L/D-Camphor-10-Sulfonic Acid, Selenious Ac...

Tat Ming Trading Company Ltd. : Zinc Oxides

a variety of batteryies- carbon zinc battery, carbon zinc batteries, alkaine batteries, lithium manganese dioxide batteries, silver oxide batteries, micro alkaline batteries, zinc-air batteries, cordless pkone batteries, buttom cells.

New Leader Battery Industry Ltd. : Zinc Oxides

carbon zinc battery, carbon zinc batteries, alkaline mnO2 lr button batteries, mercury free 0% hg lr button batteries, silver oxide sr button batteries, cylindrical type alkaline batteries, high voltage batteries.

Kingstone Industrial Group Ltd. : Zinc Oxides

feed additives, citric acid, sodium citrate, chrome oxide green, zinc chloride, zinc oxide, petroleum resin, phenolic resin, lithopone, titanium dioxide, electrolytic manganese.

Chang Zhou Kingcattle Abrasives Co., Ltd. : Zinc Oxides

sanding belts, abrasive cloth belts ( rolls), flexible abrasive cloths, YC abrasive cloth rolls, dry sand papers, zinc stearate abrasive papers, abrasive cloths, aluminum oxide emery cloths, waterproof sand papers, silicon carbide waterproof abrasive papers, dry and wet sand papers.

Anhui Medihel Co., Ltd. : Zinc Oxides

cotton balls, zinc oxide adhesive plasters, non-woven adhesive tapes, elastic crepe bandages, adhesive bandages, pop bandages, cohesive bandages, gauze lap sponges, gauze rolls, gauze swabs, disposable caps, face masks, non-woven shoe covers, surgical gowns, absorbent cotton rolls, cotton-tipped applictors, household gloves, latex gloves, PE gloves.

Tianjin Jie Zhong International Trade Co., Ltd. : Zinc Oxides

cotton balls, absorbent cotton rolls, cotton pads, dental cotton, cotton strips, zig zag cotton, silk tapes, wound plasters, zinc oxide adhesive plasters, nurse suits, patient suits, face masks, latex surgical gloves, hospital equipments, hospital furniture, medical instruments, surgical blades, stitch cutters.

Wenzhou Kindcare Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. : Zinc Oxides

cotton buds, cotton balls, professional deluxe series, sprague rappaport series, pill boxes, penlights, medical tub series, medical products, surgical dressings, paper surgical tapes, wound plasters, silk tapes, zinc oxide plasters.

Pan-Continental Chemical Co., Ltd. : Zinc Oxides

We provide industrial chemicals, including inorganic compounds, zinc oxides, active zinc oxides, zinc carbonates, transparent zinc oxides, copper oxides, copper carbonate, zinc chlorides, zinc ammonium chloride, zinc compounds, triple salts, double salts, titanium dioxides, conductive zinc oxides, Nano zinc oxides, zinc residues, zinc dross, zinc fines, ZnO, CuO, ZnCl2, ZnCO3, CuCO3, AZO, high dispersible and conductive silver coated copper powders, etc.

Stingray International Co., Ltd. : Zinc Oxides

electronic & electrical components- (1) capacitors- electrolytic capacitor, electrolytic capacitors, aluminum capacitors, multilayer capacitors, power capacitors, polypropylene capacitors , radial capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitors, MLCC, metal film capacitor, film capacitors, SMD ceramic capacitor, ceramic & polyester capacitors. (2) electronic resistors- variable resistor, power resistors, carbon film resistors, high voltage resistors, metal film resistor, metal film resistors, metal oxide film res...

Yung Chyang Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. : Zinc Oxides

chemical& industrial materials- Zinc Oxide, A G Zinc Oxide, SHG Zinc Oxide, ZnO-80, Pelletized Zinc Oxide, Zinc Oxide master batch, Zinc Oxide dispersion, high-impact resistance modifier, white-pigmented master batch, micro-powdered master batch, flame retardant master batch, Low Smoke Nonhalogen Flame Retardance, flame retardant cable bedding compound, flame retardant cable sheathing compound.

Shengard Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Zinc Oxides

ceramic raw materials- (1) potash feldspar, north cup nephelin, sodium feldspar, neutral feldspar. (2) ball clay, L.D kaolin, K/M kaolin, bentonite, calcined kaolin, China clay, water wash clay. (3) dispersing agents, agency, zircon silicate, printing agent, zinc oxide, deflocculent.

Hsien Ang Industry Co., Ltd. : Zinc Oxides

chemical materials- zinc chloride ( ZnCl2 ), zinc sulfate, active zinc oxide ( ZnO ), zinc carbonate ( ZnCO3 ), germanium tetrachloride, GeCl4, zincl2, active zinc oxide, ZNSO4, silicon tetrachloride, sicl4, zinc ammonium chloride, zinc white, zinc acetate, rubber activators.


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