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Waynetel Industrial Co., Ltd.


Waynetel Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of bolts, including carriage bolts, track bolts.
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DA LUNG Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of golf products & accessories including golf drivers, fairway golf heads, golf iron heads, gold wedges golf heads, golf putters, golf head covers, golf shafts, golf grips, golf gloves, golf bags, golf club sets, golf balls, golf carts, shoe nails & tee, golf hats, golf gift tools, swing mats, spikes, sand wedges, stainless steel putters, fairway/ titanium wood golf heads, and so forth.

Inlir Industrial Corporation

we provide neoprene, neoprene products, neoprene cans, bottle coolers, wine coolers, neoprene notebook bags, computer carry bags, pda & mobile phone pouches, camera bags, backpacks, sports bag, women fashion bags, cosmetic bags, easy car holder, bamboo charcoal underwear, underpants, eye's cover, hats, scalf, gloves, backsupporter, bed quilts, bed pads, pillows, mattresses, seat pads, baby covers, sleeping bags, shoe pads, yoga mats.

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Main products include bicycles parts, bicycle accessory, bike grips, motorcycle grips, sports bottles, sporting sunglasses, handlebar tapes, water cages, yoga mats, multi protector pads, valve caps, plugs, rim strips, cycle clips, hand rings, handle bar tapes, sunglass & accessories, water bottles, Velcro straps, rubber foam pads, bike MP3 player, OEM, ODM, etc.

Top Longmax Products Co., Ltd.

medical equipments and orthopedic supplies- (1) wheelchairs- manual wheel chairs, transport chairs, DMEs, universal style and full reclining wheelchairs, folding arm moving chairs, sports wheelchairs, electric power wheelchairs, motorized wheel chairs, C.P. ( cCorrection and positioning) chair. (2) commods and bathroom safety- wheeled commodes, swingdown arm commodes, adjustable bath benches, raised toilet seats, transfer bath benches, shower boards/ chairs. (3) rollator and walkers. (4) canes- aluminum ris

Paifu Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturers and suppliers of sport (sporting) protections, sport garments, medical protections, fitness and beauty care products, health and beauty products, football protections, football outfit, gymnastic suits, mountain-climbing knee protections, football ankle protections, horses protections, yoga pads, hot cold gel pack wraps, diving wet suits, black rubber diving suits, rubber glued diving suits, relevant neoprene products, comprssion (wrist elastic) straps, basic (velcro, elastic) ankle supports, f

Ever Jun Eagle International Co., Ltd.

Professional leather goods manufacturer, mainly providing- (1) leather briefcases- man & lawyer briefcase, adult & designer & wheeled briefcase, nylon & lady briefcase, hard & executive briefcase, briefcase on wheels, trolley bag. (2) leather personal portfolio. (3) bag- laptop computer bags, leather & rolling computer bag, wheeled computer bag, computer travel bags, vinyl cosmetic bag, fashion women bags, luggages. (4) wallet- coin purse. (5) name card & CD holder, leather accessory. (6) organizers- handhe

Sun Long Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of polypropylene webbing & egg conveyor belts, polyester webbings, nylon webbings, seat belt webbing, woven webbings, elastic bands, straps & cords for bags, bag straps, garments trimmings, sports goods straps, fashion waist belts, cotton (canvas) binding, cam buckle strap, polyester webbings, ribbons, elastic tapes, high performance webbing, pad using products, cotton jacquard webbings, lanyards, lift sling & safety belts, luggage straps.

BuyAllNeed Co., Ltd.

We are supplying bicycle accessories, bikes indicators, bicycles components, cycles handgrips, bicycle screws, handgrip plugs, headscarfs, taillights, pedal lamps, titanium screws, leather bicycle bags, leather handgrip tapes, magic headscarves, floodlights, multiple super bright LEDs, anklelites, baglites, static and flashing light modes, optional rear lights, bicygnals, LED front & rear bicycle lights, super shine 5 high density LEDs, pedalite pedals, leather saddles, saddle storages, and OEM/ ODM are wel

An Diann Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Manufacture of professional foam materials include- (1) rubber and plastics- (CR, CS, SBR) rubber sponge, neoprene product, CS(CR+SBR) slab/sheet/roller, EVA, PE+VA, plastics foams, EVA/ insole/ outsole, TPE, NBR, sporty goods, protection goods, EVA/TPE embossing material. (2) finished products- swimming/rhythm glove, aggravates the clothes, high qiugan bag, computer bag, waist & shoulder bag, yoga mat class building block, yoga mat strap, waist/weightlifting belt, protecting equipment, protects the thigh,

Lucky Seal Industry Corporation

Manufacture of rubber and silicon products include (1) semiconductor consumables- diaphragms, perfluorine o-rings, silt valves, vacuum rubber bushes, conductive pads. (2) electrical products- radiator fins, anti-reason pieces, hoops, key and foot PDA w/psa, self adhesive rubber pads, vacuum sucking disks, LED waterproof gaskets, keypads. (3) industrial usages- poot-pads, water-proof covers, dustlids. (4) daily living products- baring trays, bowl covers, silicon gloves, spoons, handles, bicolor-barthing pipi


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