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Chiefly Choice Co., Ltd.


Chiefly Choice Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of computer peripheral including CPU coolers, brushless DC motors, power codes, finger guards, DC blowers, fan blades, (AC DC, DC blower) AC fans, axial cross flow fans, fan flow masters, fan finger guards, DC brushless fans, cooling kits, thermal modules, radiators, fan accessories, multi fan module assemblies, 12v cooling fans, USB fans, CPU heat sinks, AC fans, 12 volt DC fans, 12 volt coolers, 2U & 3U fan modules, AC axial fan power cords, fan trays, fan filters, brushless fans, electric fans, air coolers, wine cooler, and so forth.

Chiefly Choice co.,Ltd. is established in 1996 and become a leading manufacturing and designing of AC cooling fan ,DC brushless fan & cooler. For the increasing demand of cooling fan,we set up our facility in Mainland China, and give the same quality and intime delivery. Now our product is widely used in PC, computer perpheral, communication, industrial equipment, tester, and telecommunication,which need a thermal management and technical support. Chiefly Choice co., Ltd. would like to make a long-time partner relationship with our customer, and try to make our customer become a powerful competitor. Please have a look at our Website and feel free to contact to us if need further information.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. James Lo
Telephone: 886-2-26926816
Fax: 886-2-26927030
Address: 3F, No. 340, Kangning St., Shijir City, Taipei County 221, Taiwan
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