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Valve-Tek Mfg. Co., Ltd.


Valve-Tek Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Our main products are industrial ball valves, fittings, stainless steel valves, carbon steels, ball valve thread ends, flange ends, gate valves, angle valves, butterfly valves, brass and watt valves, apollo ball valves, fire (float, wafer flanged) ball valves, water meters, pipes, plastic valves, copper valves, Y-strainer valves, round caps, elbow fittings, round caps, hose nipples, couplings, flanges, shutoff valves, actuators, solenoid valves, globe valves, ball valves, castings parts, reduced/ full port ball valves, sanitary ball valves, mounting pads, screwed ends, firesafe ball valves, pistons, valve balls, casting and forging fittings, ODM, OEM, etc.

Valve-Tek is the only one manufacturer of ball valves direct sales to worldwide market in Europe (50%), America (30%) and others (20%), who has its own investment casting foundry, machining, fabricating in one plant with 105 employee in Taiwan. The casting section has 50 employees, with a month capacity of 150 Tons, it's equipped with full set of investment casting foundry manufacturing and testing machines. Besides, it has the capabilities to produce casting part according to customer's requirement. With a full complete production line and over 25 years’ professional experiences, we are confident to control strict quality, on time delivery and lower cost. The accumulation of technology leads our team do all effort offering the top qualified products. ISO 9002 was approved by SG, ISO 9001-2000 by TUV, & API607 Fire Safe Approved by TUV and obtained API6D Approval. The customer's designs and OEM orders are welcome. We look forward to serving you!
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mrs. Tina Wei
Telephone: 886-4-22312299
Fax: 886-4-22313399
Address: No. 105, Cheng Kuang Str., Taiping, Taichung County 0, Taiwan
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