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Intech Fasteners Co., Ltd.


Intech Fasteners Co., Ltd.

industrial supply, fasteners- (1) turned part, turned ( turning) parts- ballstuds, connectors, groove pins, lock pins, inserts, plugs, sleeves, spacers, shafts, spinners, nozzles, CNC parts, precision turned parts, turning parts, cold forged, forming parts, stamping, press parts, knurled, hinge pins, offset spindle, grub screws, shafts, bush, pipe fitting parts, plugs, spinners, nozzle rings, screws, lock nuts, nuts. (2) cold forming- stainless steel nuts, brass studs, copper pins, aluminum collars, spacers, special parts, sleeves rivets. (3) die casting parts- hardware components, washers, optical fiber connecters, computer hardware accessories, lightings minerals, electrical accessory, electrical metals, materials accessories, aluminum ( aluminium) casting parts, zinc casting parts. (4) plastic fasteners- spare parts, industrial plastic injection parts, rubber extrusion parts. (5) secondary operations- drilling, milling, tapping, assembling.

Manufactures and supplies of custom fasteners and parts such as turning parts for CNC precision machining, cold headed specials, die casting parts, plastic fasteners for industry exported to worldwide markets. Inquiries on R&D special designs and ODM/OEM orders are welcome.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Ms. Angel Tang
Telephone: 886-7-2162237
Fax: 886-7-2166638
Address: No. 300, Jian Guo 3rd Rd., Kaohsiung City 807, Taiwan
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We offer lenses & eyewear products, polycarbonate lens, plastic lens, safety glasses, sports glasses, anti fog & anti scratch & reflective glasses, dual & AR coating, revo, sunglasses metal frames, plastic eyewear, molds designs, designer & making.


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