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Teng Jye Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Teng Jye Enterprise Co., Ltd.

We offer precision (gravity, zinc, vacuum) die casting, aluminum alloy casting, magnesium die casting, pressure die casting, custom die cast, mold makings & designs, aluminum mold makings, base molds, custom injection mold makings, custom mold, mold making materials, alloy die castings brass castings, centrifugal castings, custom iron castings, hoist parts, progressive dies, stamping dies, wax castings, electronic parts, computer parts, vehicle parts, machine parts and electric equipment parts, etc.

Teng Jye Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Tangent) was founded in 1994. An Over 13-year professional experienced manufacturer of precision die casting. Tangent even becoming the leader of zinc die casting in Taiwan. Our products are including electronic parts, computer parts, vehicle parts, machine parts and electric equipment parts, aluminum alloy casting, magnesium die casting, pressure die casting, custom die cast, etc. Tangent always focus on the high quality that we promise customers. Meanwhile, Tangent invests new techniques and equipments continuously. We not only try hard to achieve our goal, but also let customers feel the most satisfied about our service. All employees get the professional training in order to offer the customers the high quality product. About equipment, we have YASDA; CHARMILLES processing machine and also use TECHMIRE precision die casting machine to manufacture products. Tangent continuously raise the mould technique and knowledge, whatever delivery, cost, quality and service, we hope that our clients always think “Give To Tangent, Everything Will Be Right.” Tangent has obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certifications. So our quality can gain more trust and support from clients. With the rapid growing business, Tangent also established 3500㎡ new factories in 2007. Therefore, we can provide more competitive service to customers.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Yi Sung Shiu
Telephone: 886-3-3687368
Fax: 886-3-3687366
Address: No. 38, Mincyuan St., Bade City, Taoyuan County 33447, Taiwan
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