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Fu Yeh International Corporation


Fu Yeh International Corporation

Manufacturer of self drilling screw, including hex washer head, hex flange washer heads, modify truss head, large wafer head, and Lotus head with stainless steel head cap and bugle head self drilling screws etc.
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Supplier of medical & surgical equipment- dental implant system, endopore implants, oral implants, GBR & GTR material, dental materials, commission & equipment, mini bone screws, dental motors, bone graft material, distractor, titanium meshes, membranes, PRF ( VPRF) & PRP technique, sinus lift, expanding chisels, osteotome, sutures, burs, intra lock, MDL, MILO, train course, internal connection, dental resins, miscellaneous dental golds & alloys, gypsum products, dental waxes, impression materials, restorat

Hans Fasteners Co., Ltd.

1. Machine Screws.

2. Tapping Screws.

3. Wood Screws.

Lead Asia National Corp.

We manufacture of lighting fixtures, indoor lightings, lighting accessory, spotlights, cabinet lights, down light, track lights, spot light, LED, high power LED lights, metal halite lighting fixtures, bathroom hardware, die-casting parts, forged steel parts, precision metal parts, zinc die castings, brass sand castings, bicycle parts, CNC machine part, clamps, locks and various kinds of metal hardware.

Al-Pro Metals Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of industrial hardware & fasteners, special & aerospace fasteners, automobile & panel fasteners, container & alloy steel screws, aluminium alloy & drive screws, screws, bi-metal self drilling & drywall screws, electronic & brass screws, hex head cap screws, particle board & furniture & plastic screws, hex socket cap screws, screws & washer assembled, high low thread & self drilling screws, self tapping screws, machine & set screws, one way lag screws, wing & micro screws, wood screws, self dril

Waynetel Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of bolts, including carriage bolts, track bolts.

Atali Associates Co., Ltd.

Your alternative source of chipboard screw suppliers in Taiwan. ATALI can help you source various chipboard screws as per ANSI, DIN, JIS & AS standards , and tailor products to meet your market demands.

Shenzhen CREP Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

Landscape Lights:
1. LED AQUA, LED pool lights, LED swimming pool light, underwater pool lights, aqua illumination LED, lumen aqua LED, colorlogic LED light & bulbs for pool, color LED pool light.
2. Single color LED neon tube, neon lamps, LED underbody lights, underglow neon.
3. Multicolor ( multi colour) LED Neon Tube, street glow neon.
4. Color Changing LED Neon Tube.
5. LED night vision pipes.
6. LED wall washers lightings, LED flood light, RGB LED wall washer.<

Fwu Yih Brass Enterprise Co., Ltd.

We provide (1) brass ball cooks- air & gas safety switches, big flow gas cooks, female & male cooks, barb & pipe cooks, spray gun switch, T type switches. (2) valves- ball & needle valves, PVC valves, female & male valves, stainless steel valves, gate valves. (3) E & L type simple copper attachments- barbed branch tees & crosses, barbed connectors, adapters, diameters, pipe threads, plugs, txt nipples. (4) PU, PE tubes & elbows, nylon tubes, fast & trumpet brass connectors, hexangular, ran tees, muts, tongr

RaYing Industrial Co., Ltd.

Fasteners manufacturer of (1) flange & hex head cap screws, carriage & machines screws, wood hex lag screws, self tapping & drywall screws, socket head cap screws, furnishing screws, construction bolts, t head bolts & square head screws, thumb screws & roofing screws, window & weld screws, set & electronics screws, wing & wheel screws, track bolts, alloy steel & brass screws, chipboard & collated screws, euro screws, high tensile screws, hex low screws, longer screws, J bolts, micro screws, self drilling sc

Trupro Internatioanl Ltd.

Our products include (1) metalworking machine: metal band saw, sand blasters & parts, washers, printing equipment, CNC tapping center. (2) woodworking machine: 4 side moulder, 45 degree saw, aluminum & acrylic processing equipment, auto copy shaper, horizontal & vertical bandsaw, boring machine, briquette press & wood crusher, chisel mortiser, circular saw blades, clamp carrier & hydraulic composer & glue spreader, cross cut off saw, disc sander & drum sander, double end saw, dovetailer, dust collector, edg


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