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TC&C Electronic Co., Ltd.


TC&C Electronic Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of (1) cables, HD cable assembly- SATA ( eSATA, SAS, mini SAS, ipass, Infiniband, SFP, HSSDC, Toslink, HDMI, DVI, VGA, 1394, USB, ultra 320 SCSI, VHDCI, SCA, SCA-2, LAN cat5/5e, cat6 cat7, IDE, ATA, laminated, hi speed, DC) cables, flat & round cable assemblies, custom cable assemblies. (2) connectors- SATA connecters, mini SAS ( eSATA, Infiniband, HDMI, SCSI, VHDCI, SCA-2, ATA, RJ45, DVI, 1394, USB 3.0, iPod, micro SD, fan) connectors, box headers, pogo pin test fixtures, memory cards connectors ( SD, SM, micro SD), PCMCIA cards adapters. (2) PCB modules, memory cards, terminators series- smart media cards, memory stick connecters, CF socket straddle mounts, CF header type I/ II connectors, gender changers, SCSI & 50-pin terminators, feed-thru Centronics & LVD/SE 68Pin terminator, mini terminators.

Founded in 1995, TC&C Electronic Co., Ltd. puts fully emphasis on cable assembly and connector, including T SAS cables, HD cable assembly, eSATA/ 1394/ USB/ LAN CAT/ ATA laminated cable, hi-speed cable, DC cable, flat & round cable assembly, wire harness cable, SATA connectors, box header, RJ-45/ D-SUB connectors, micro USB connecters, iPod connectors, pogo pin test fixture, PCB module, fan connector, PCI-e, memory card connector (SD, CF, SM, Micro SD), PCMCIA connecters and so forth. Our goal is to provide the best service and high quality to customers. To achieve this, we dedicate to products improvement and quality control continuously. TC&C has obtained excellent reputation in this field worldwide. With offices and production lines in Taiwan and Mainland China, we are not only offering the most competitive prices, but also in the high quality and the on-time delivery. Welcome to browse our website for further information. If you have any question, please contact us immediately; we will respond ASAP.
Categories: Screw Jacks TPE Cat5e Patch Cables SD Card Connectors SMT Connectors CD-ROM CD ROM Manufacturing External CDs Roms Memory Card Adapters CF Cards Memory Modules Mini SD Cards Power Supply Fans USB Serial Adapters LCD Monitor Manufacturer Industrial Monitors LCD Video Monitors Monitor Switches Monitor Tests POS Monitors Multimedia Computer Speakers NoteBook Speakers USB Control Cables USB Fans USB PCI Cards USB PCMCIA Computer Locks ADSL Modems Computer Networking Product Ethernet Switch IEEE 1394 Network Switches Serial to Ethernet Mini Speaker Manufacturers Data Videos Micro SD Cards SD Cards Multimedias Communication Systems DVI Cables Gender Changers IEEE 1394 Cables RCA Cables Board To Board Connectors Centronic Connectors DVI Connectors HDMI Connectors Memory Card Connectors Miniature Connector PCI Connectors Pin Connectors Pogo Pins RCA Connectors RJ45 Connectors SAS Connectors Smart Card Connector Speaker Connectors ST & LC Connectors VGA Connectors VHDCI Connectors Wire To Board Connectors SCSI Terminator DC Power Sockets IDC Sockets PCB Jacks SMT Sockets Cat 5e Cables Cat 6 Cables Flat Flexible Cables Infiniband Cables Interconnect Cable VGA Cables VHDCI Cables Video Cable Components DC Power Cords Extension Cords Jumper Wires SATA Cables Wire Markers Teflon Wires Toslink Cables USB Connector Manufacturer Monitor Speakers Speaker Parts SCR Controllers Miniature Switches Speaker Switches DVI Adapters Dvi Vga Adapters HDMI Adapters PCMCIA Adapters Socket Adapters VGA Adapters Wiring Adapters LCD Controllers Cable Testers Test Pins LED Assemblies LED Module Internet Cables LED Digit Displays LED Video Display Power Supply Testers RCA Plug Manufacturers SCSI Adaptors Signal Cables USB Extensions Vertical Components Cable Display Systems CD Holders Power Wires Speed Controllers Computer Screws Miniature Screw Twist Locks Audio Assembly HDMI Cables Sign Holders Smart Card Manufacturers Cable Locks Computer Cable Locks Digital Lock, Digital Door Locks Laptop Locks Notebook Locks latches & Locks Cable Modems Data Communications Ethernet Adapters Internal Modem LAN Testers Network Cable Connectors
Country: Taiwan
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