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Litefilm Tech Co., Ltd.


Litefilm Tech Co., Ltd.

optical coating, optical coatings- (1) surveillances camera systems, optical fiber coating components- optical filter, optical filters, CCTV camera, CCTV cameras, CCTV cameras systems, DVR CCTV camera lens, pigtail & two beam broad AR coating, WDM filters, fiber connect & ball lens AR coating, waterproof IR CCD cameras, color IR cameras, waterproof cameras, IR ( infrared ray) security cameras, miniature cameras, dome cameras, proof dome cameras. (2) COMOS & IR cover glass- no particle and no chip cover glass, IR cut filter cover glass, laser cutting glass. (3) high quality optical lens prism- various size lens diameter, precise and accuracy polish, prism high quality coating. (4) CCD & CMOS IR cut filters- IR filter, IR filters, blue glass IAD and low pass filter coating, UV & camera filters. (5) DLP project optical components- rod high reflection mirrors, TIR prism AR coating, relay lens. (6) DVD pickup head coating components- high reflection mirrors, tow band & no polarizer & polarization and phase balance filters. (7) high energy & density coating- high energy laser ( half) mirrors, low temperature shift filters, high voltage lamp surface UV IR coating. (8) others- big size hot and cold mirrors, LCD protect panels, monitor anti radiation glass filters, enhance AL and block blue mirrors, fog lamp coating, any shape glass cutting and grinding. (9) projector display coating component- UV IR & gradient dichroic filters, high reflection mirrors, P/S converter & broad band AR coating, color correct & color wheel R.G.B filters, CCD camera lenses, IR cameras, ditital camera lens.

As a professional manufacturer of optical coating components, Litefilm could supply quality optical lens prism, project display coating components, COMOS cover glass, IR cover glasses, optical fiber coating component and optical filters. It has 2600 M² factory area and about 1000 M² class 1000 clean room and 10 automatic coating machines (radius 900mm to 1350mm) to produce optical coating components. The daily capacity is 50,000 pieces. OEM and ODM are welcome. To become a global company with superior coating technology that satisfies the needs of the market , with the core technology of all thin film optical coatings , and to improve the product competitiveness and to become a creative enterprise.
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Country: Taiwan
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