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Hsieh Shun Cable Industrial Company


Hsieh Shun Cable Industrial Company

Manufacture of electric cables and cable accessory, rear brake cables, front brake cables, accelerate cables, pull-in winding cables, clutch cables, hood cables, chair bracing wires, shift cables, control cables, fuel cable, inhalation cable, seating dragline, gear cable, brake oil tubes, decorative bars, tee fittings, fittings and brake hose, cable heads, choke cables, draglines, glove transmission cable, assorted elbows, cable covers, etc.

Hsieh Shun Cable Industrial Company was founded in 1991, specialized in various types of control cables for automobile, motorcycle, ATV, sports equipment, agricultural machinery, and electronic parts, special specifications, including rare brake cable, the front brake cable, fuel cable, inhalation cable, clutch cable, hood cable, seating dragline, and gear cable, etc. We produce brake oil tube, decorative bar, and related products for automobile and motorcycle. Due to our strict control quality and making efforts, Hsieh Shun has been praised and supported by our customers all over the world. Moreover, we have been certified by ISO 9001 and own the testing equipments. Clients are always our priority. We take the top quality at reasonable prices, the good after services, and prompt delivery for customers for granted. Hsieh Shun is your reliable and trustworthy business partner.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Huang chin-lien
Telephone: 866-4-7559766
Fax: 866-4-7568552
Address: No. 749, Hetou Rd., Hemei Town, Changhua 508, Taiwan, R.O.C., Taiwan
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