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Torng Chau Plastic Co., Ltd.


Torng Chau Plastic Co., Ltd.

household & industrial ( industry) supplies ( supply)- PVC hoses, polyurethane hoses, hose manufacturers, hydraulic hoses, PVC reinforced hoses, high pressure hoses, water hose, rubber hoses, industrial ( industry) hose, recoiling hoses, welding hoses, hose reel carts, hose couplings, hose adaptors ( adapters), garden hose nozzles, garden hose connectors, hose clamps, hose fittings, nylon yarn hoses, ventilation ductile hoses, tarpaulin tubes, fiber hose, nylon tube, acetylene hoses, pressure water hose, air hose reels, sewerage hoses, twin-line hose, hose nylon tubings, reinforced hoses, garden hose shut off, clear duct hose, grit hose, fertilizer sprayer hose, nylon hose, hose & pipes, LPG hose, water supply hoses, air hose plugs, plastic connecters, plastic couplings, fuel hose, PU air hose, 3-flat water hoses, supra wire hoses, wire spring hose, tubings and hoses, PVC steel wire hose, sanitary hose, wire reinforced hose, braided PVC hose, recoiled air hoses, nylon and PE tubes, pump accessories, drainage systems, machine accessories, pneumatic accessories, agriculture parts, ductile hose, gas hose, silicone hose, spiral hoses, suction hose, hose pipes, flexible plastic pipes, pressure hoses, delivery hose, flat hoses, spray hose, polyethylene tubes, irrigation hose, ducting, sprinkling systems, plastic hoses, hose clips, vinyl hose, rubber oxygen hose, garden hose fittings, hose pipes, lay flat hose, air compressor hoses, twin-line welding hose, polyurethane coiled air hoses, my-home hose, Taiwan air hose reel, high pressure plastic hoses, synthetic PVC hose, PVC suction hoses, spring hoses, bath hoses, spiral recoil hoses, heavy duty suction hoses, toilet water supply hoses, soft hoses, clear hose, PVC LPG hoses, braided hoses, unihoses, discharge hoses, corrugated hoses, power sprayer hose, PU recoiled hose, nylon recoiled hose, clear wire hose, transparent hose, high and low pressure hoses, rubber hose for high pressure oxygen, plastic tubes and hoses, panda high pressure hose, clear PVC steel wire hose, grains & granules discharging hose, nylon & PU tubes manufacturers, air conditioning ducting, aluminum flexible duct hose, fiber fabric flexible ducting hose, fiberglass flexible duct hoses, heavy concrete pumping hoses, sanitary sewerage systems, hose ferrules.

Manufacturer of plastic hoses has more than 20 years' experience in Taiwan of producing various kinds of hose for the fields of industry, construction, agriculture, air-conditioning, ventilation and household works etc. Attractive price, best quality and good time of delivery are ensured.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. James Chen
Telephone: 886-7-3713710
Fax: 886-7-3716283
Address: NO.300, Jen Hsin Road, Jen Wu, Kaohsiung, 814, Taiwan
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