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Fluo-Tech Imdustrial Co., Ltd.


Fluo-Tech Imdustrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of PTFE products, PTFE extruded rods & pipes, PIFE AWG tubings, PTFE hoses, PTFE stainless wire braided hoses, PIFE machined parts, PTFE weldings, teflon products, teflon PTFE, acrylic rods, PMMA rods, PMMA tubes, polycarbonate tubes, PET perform, plastic accessory, TFE parts, PVC strips & sheets, TPE compounds, plumbing, PTF product, PTFE fibers, PTFE scrim yarns, PTFE huge and rigid sheets, PTFE diasheet, PTFE filament yarns, DVGW and PTFE thread seal tapes.

Fluo-Tech Imdustrial Co., Ltd. known as high functional resins have been making great contribution to industry. Demand for them has been increasing steadily and even accelerated by the advancement of high technology. And our company is specialize in manufacturer of PTFE products like PTFE extruded rods & pipes, PIFE AWG tubing, PTFE hose, PTFE stainless wire braided hoses and PIFE machined parts. We really appreciate our customer make us having such a good reputation. And we are strict to our quality of product standard in order to make customer have good right. Besides, we also provide excellent service to our customer. We guarantee we must make you satisfy with our product and service. Therefore, if you have any question about our product, you can tell us. We will give you early reply. Furthermore, we look forward to searching a good business partner. If you are interested in our product or you want to inquiry, please feel free to contact with us or you can email to us. Join us right now!
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Howard Wang
Telephone: 886-3-3273172
Fax: 886-3-3287995
Address: No.26, Dinghu 2nd St., Guishan Shiang, Taoyuan County 333, Taiwan
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