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Sesame Motor Corp.


Sesame Motor Corp.

Manufacture of industrial supplies includes (1) (PGL, PML, PGT, PGR) series high precision planetary gearhead (gearbox). (2) general purpose motor- induction/reversible motor. (3) speed controlled motor- assembled type, variable speed, induction/reversible motor, separated type, variable speed, induction motor-IP22, rated running reversible motor-IP22. (4) speed controller- assembled/spearated type speed controller. (5) brake motor- electro- magnetic/clutch brake motor, electronic brake. (6) torque motor- standard type, inner- motor type. (7) speed reducer (gearbox). (8) linear actuator. (9) precision gear motors- v-casing (vertical)/foot-mount (horizontal) precision gear motor, ac motor, dc motor. OEM/ODM orders are welcome.

Company Profile:As a leading brand in gear technology, Sesame Motor Corp. is a professional manufacturer of speed reducers and motors. Founded in 1990, Sesame has expanded continuously into a USD$4.1 million-capital company after two decades of operation. Under the leadership of President Feng-Chou Chiang since 2006, Sesame Motor Corp. vigorously innovates new products and increases overall quality, utilizes advanced hi-tech instruments and equipments, as well as incorporates the ERP system, enabling the company to maintain its competitiveness. In marketing, Sesame has sales representatives in Taiwan’s metropolitan cities, as well as agents in Korea, China and Hong Kong, building a close sales network. Bearing the principle of satisfying customers and bringing good service in mind, we provide the “quickest delivery, best after-sale service and superior quality.” Nowadays, the Sesame brand has opened up new markets and was exported to countries worldwide. Sesame Motor Corp. is devoted to the R & D of high precision and quality gears and related transmission systems. Our main products, which include speed reducers and motors, have gained esteemed reputation amongst customers, enabling us to occupy one of the leading positions in the market. In recent years, Sesame has also successfully developed a new generation of high precision planetary gearheads which received special attention: not only well-recognized by customers in Taiwan, Korea and China, but also exported to Europe and the U.S., known to the international market for their excellent quality. Sesame’s planetary gearheads can be seen in machines and equipments of several listed companies in Taiwan and world-known brands. Sesame Motor Corp. has obtained CE, CCC, UL, and ISO9001 certification successfully. With the principle of "Honesty, Creativity, Positivity, Innovation" in mind, we strive to become a goal-mark as the market's pioneer. Sesame Motor Corp. will continue to grow and service with our steadfast team, aiming toward full internationalization and increasing our competitive edge, in order for us to build a sustainable professional cooperation with "A Brand of Superior Technology and Reputation Combined" soundly established.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Ms. Jerry Shiue
Telephone: 886-4-25610011#125
Fax: 886-4-25627766
Address: No. 599, Hemu Rd., Shengang Township, Taichung County 42953, Taiwan
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