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Sheng Teng Electron International Co., Ltd.


Sheng Teng Electron International Co., Ltd.

We provide automotive wire, pressure switches, automotive relays, car flashers, fuel pump relays, flasher relays, car back up alarms, oil pressure switches, automobile diagram relays, relay sockets, 12VDC automotive diode relays, main relay, power relays, lamp relays, fan relays, ignition relays, mini buzzer, hazard warning switches, stop light switches, air brake switches, automotive switches, diesel shut off switch, solenoid starter switch, wire kits, knock sensors, OEM.

Sheng Teng Electron International Co., Ltd. is an OEM supplier, a leading flasher and relay manufacturer and a DOT approved, ISO9001 Certificated supplier in Taiwan. Our ability in attaining economic of scale in top quality automotive products allowed us to establish the reputation. We make a commitment to providing the customers with the most sophisticated service and technology and works closely with our customers to achieve the most flexible level of bilateral interaction. Established in 1971, we have expanded the product line to flasher, relay, switch, buzzer and headlamp wire kit. The marketing channels cover most major markets in the world. The key of Sheng Teng to success has always been the ability to provide customized solutions that match the customers' specific demands. Our philosophy is to hold the customers' interest in the highest esteem.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Osmond Hsieh
Telephone: 886-4-7367576
Fax: 886-4-7367589
Address: No. 15, Yu Tugn Rd., Tang Yu Village, Ho Mei Town, Changhua County 508, Taiwan
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