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Hsiang Wei Rubber Industries, Inc.


Hsiang Wei Rubber Industries, Inc.

Manufacturer of silicone & rubber extrusions, including (1) silicone extrusion series- tubing, o-ring cords, puel hose, bulb seal, lip seal, window seal, hollow extrusion, sleeves, sponge extrusion, splicing, short-cut, conductive cord, silicone sheet, u-channel, e-strips, p-strips, d-stripes. (2) high temperature wire & cable- UL / VDE approved wire, PVC heating wire, special wire & cable. (3) rubber extrusion- rubber tubing, o-ring cord, gum extruding, custom engineered extruded profiles, molded corner, sponge & foam extrusion, rubber air hose, hot vulcanized splicing, seal & gasket, lathe-cut, TPR extrusion. (4) rubber molded parts- swimming caps, bellow, silicone caps, diaphragm, automotive parts, wrist ring, engine mounting metric, ball pen strips, brake disk, PSA, 3D molded parts.

Company Profile:Hsiang Wei Rubber Industries, Inc. was established in 1986 in Taiwan to make rubber air hose in the beginning using most of the materials of NR and SBR so called sulfur curing system products. Together with the growing demand for various other high performance materials and stiff competition in the market of the air hose, we switched our production to Silicone extruding and rubber extrusion of other high performance materials such as Chloroprene (CR), EPDM, NBR, Viton to combine with NR and SBR. Such transformation requested upgrading compounding know-how, tooling technology, production technique, QC control and R&D laboratory specialists. Nowadays, we included our products of FDA, Medicine and UL approved products and certificated by ISO 9001 from 2000. We appreciated the patronage of customers, collaboration of suppliers, and the non-stop effort of employee and management level. Your contact with us will be always welcome no matter what kind of materials only if they are the rubber, no matter how are made either extruding or molding or other ways of manufacturing to be. As an expert plant for rubber industrial and commercial prodcut.we dare to compete with the China price lunde cguivalent quality strigent assurawe,Our streugth: flexible production link for small guant and challenge for difficult extrusion and molding. For more details, please visit our website and contact us ASAP.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Ken Wu
Telephone: 886-2-26802562
Fax: 886-2-26801855
Address: No. 31, Lane 5, Ming Cheng Street, Sulin City, Taipei Hsien 23880, Taiwan
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