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How Are You Machinery Trading Co., Ltd.


How Are You Machinery Trading Co., Ltd.

We provide (1) multi-spindles 4-sides moulders, single and double spindle shapers, hand jointers, auto planers, knife grinders, woodworking machineries & machines components, metal working equipments, plano-millers, horizontal boring milling machines... (2) coolant pumps for machines tools, castings and hardware parts process, standard parts, tri-ball handles, revolving handles, chromium-plate cranked handles, sandblasted threaded handles, adjustable handlevers, cabinet U handles, bakelite spherical knobs, oil level gauges and oil nuts series, cast iron position tables, position indicators, position gauges, graduation rings, adjustable level bases, leveling pads stud types, cast iron riser blocks, cooling pumps, small casting molds, millde castings, handmade molds, FU-NAN large castings, etc. (3) OEM, ODM products.

Chang Iron Works was founded in 1962 and has been devoted to research, development and manufacturing woodworking machines and machine components. For many years, we have held the principles of “Quality, Innovation and Service first” to earn trust in the market place. Our founding company, Chang Iron Works has produced woodworking machines for more than 50 years, such as multi-spindles 4-sides moulder, single and double spindle shaper, hand jointer, auto planer, and knife grinder. All of our products are CE approved by DNV association of European Union. We secured the ISO 9001:2000 Certifications in April 2002 issued by British BSI association. Lead by our president, we are persistent to the principals of quality first, constant innovation and service first priority. Chang Iron is your trustworthy cooperative supplier and old friend. Our associated companies are How Are You Machinery Trading Co., Ltd. Taiwan Chang Steel Electronic & Machine Tools Co., Ltd. and Flair Industry Accessory Co., Ltd. We specialize in research, manufacture and trading of machine components. Main products are: pulleys, hand wheels, coolant pumps for machine tools, coupling, casting and hardware parts process. As for metal working machines, we produce Plano-Miller and Horizontal Boring Milling Machines. We secured the ISO 9001:2000 Certification in May 2001 issued by SGS United Kingdom Ltd. Our concern is to retain high quality and to remain competitive. Chang Iron & Flair are the brands you can trust.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Ms. Ellen Liu
Telephone: 886-4-25579380
Fax: 886-4-25579381
Address: No. 36, Sanfong Rd., Houli Township, Taichung County 421, Taiwan
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