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Ehua Co., Ltd.


Ehua Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of electronics components- PCB assembly / turnkey assembly; wire harness, cable assembly; electronic transformers, power transformer, current transformer, line filters, choke coils, inductors; plastic parts, rubber parts, metal parts include mold making; case mold, plastic injection and electroplate, electroplating for the plastic parts, plastic electroplating include mold making and product assembly.

Established in 1993, Ehua Co., Ltd. is a professional Taiwan-based electronic manufacturer. We feature a Taiwan-based engineering team and specialize in providing customized electronic products based on your designs. Enabling you to focus on product development and sales, we can solve your production technology issues and take care of product quality. At each stage of production, we conduct inspections of every product. And everything we make comes with a one-year warranty. These include PCB assembly / turnkey assembly; wire harness, cable assembly; electronic transformers, power transformer, current transformer, line filters, choke coils, inductors; plastic parts, rubber parts, metal parts include mold making; case mold, plastic injection and electroplate, electroplating for the plastic parts, plastic electroplating include mold making and product assembly. E-mail us to find out how we can fill your customized order.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mrs. Maggie Lee
Telephone: 886-2-82282042
Fax: 886-2-82282043
Address: 9F., No. 776, Jungjeng Rd., Junghe City, Taipei 235, Taiwan
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