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Plastic Compounders

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Listings of Plastic Compounders Manufacturers & Plastic Compounders Suppliers

Ko Win Yang Industrial Co., Ltd. : Plastic Compounders

Manufacturer of crushers, plastic recycling extruding machine, PVC compounding extruding machineries, sheet & pipe making equipments, stirrers, mixers, PET sheet making machines, film/ PET recycled machines, environment protection machines, PET/ PE bottle washing machine, film washing machines, thermoforming machinery, cutting machine, hydraulic cutting machines, drying systems, PET dehumidifying drying systems, strand cutting systems, die face cutting systems, vacuum forming lines, cutting & punching lines...

Shinn Tay Rubber Co., Ltd. : Plastic Compounders

auto parts, auto part, automotives ( automobiles, cars , vehicles, autos) accessory ( accessories), rubber & plastic components, rubber materials supply ( supplies)- custom rubber part, custom rubber parts, rubber balls & belts, rubber compounds & rollers, rubber sheet & straps, rubber strips, rubber belt, neoprene belts & sheets, neoprene products, v belt, pump parts, SBR & NBR, foam rubbers, sponge rubbers, foam rollers, foam pads, foam products, rubber tiles, silicone rubber tubes & hoses, dust covers, g...

Sunwell Materials Technology Co., Ltd. : Plastic Compounders

Manufacturer of industrial raw materials, such as nylon industry plastic material, nylon66 alloy, PP compound material, PP + TALC, PP+ glass fiber, high function plastic material, and so forth.

Lih Kuang Industry Co., Ltd. : Plastic Compounders

1. Stock shapes of rods, tubes, sheets and parts of diversified high-performance plastic composites which have the characteristics of wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant and anti-chemical corrosion, such as, Polyimide (Vespel), PEEK, PEKK, PBI, PEI, PPS, Teflon, TPI, POM, Nylon (PA), PP, Kapton, PI and PE.
2. Specification Parts: Self-lubricant bearings, wear-resistant bushes (sleeves), films (PI film, Kapton film) and balls made of variety materials, such as POM, PA, PP, GLASS, Silicon Nitri...

Prochase Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Plastic Compounders

1. POM, PA, PC, PBT, PET(GF reinforced) and MPPO.
2. PC/ ABS, PC/ PBT, PC/ PET, PA/ PE, PA/ PP, ABS/ PVC, alloy plastic.
3. LCP, PPS, 6T, 9T, PA46, HTN, PEI, PSU, high super engineering plastics.
4. TPE, TPR, SBS, SEBS, TOP, K-resin, TPU.
5. Free halogen flame retardant PA 6 +GF , PA66+GF compounding pellet.
6. Non halogen flame retardant TPU.
7. Sub prime TPX.
8. Duponts off-grade or inventory engineering plastics.
9. Conductive engineering ...

Cherng Jinn Yih Co., Ltd. : Plastic Compounders

Supplier Of Industrial Compounded Rubber And Plastic Products, including synthetic rubbers, styrene butadiene rubbers, nitrile butadiene rubbers, polybutadiene rubbers, ethylene propylene diene copolymer, isoprene rubbers, IR rubbers, EPDM ( BR, SBR, NBR, PS, HIPS, ABS, PP, PE, BR high/ low CIS) compounds, NBR raw materials, BR oils, BR1207, BR1208 ( 1203, 1550, 1254) rubbers, SBR1502 ( 1712) compoundings, IR2200, EPDM5450 rubbers, EPDM6465 compounds, etc.


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