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Ta Heng Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.


Ta Heng Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.

A professional manufacturer of UL / CSA wires & cables, coaxial cables, communication cables, complex cables, F mark approved wires, PCM-E1 indoor cables, cat.5e & cat.6 cable, PE-PVC indoor digital (drop, star quad indoor telephone) cables, PVC/ nylon jumper wires, insulation jacket control cables, computer cables, LAN cables, ribbon wires & non-heat shrink cable PVC tubing, shield cables, cable assembly, radio (television, audio/ video appliance, radar, satellite antenna TV, community antenna TV, master antenna TV, closed-circuit TV, home entertainments, widespread use in local area networks/ LANS, instrumental control systems, detector area) cables, lead wire, etc.

Ta Heng Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd., established in 1992 with about 12,500 manufacturing square meter, is a subsidiary of Ta Ya Electric Wire & cable co., Ltd. We are a professional manufacturer of UL/ CSA wire & cable, computer cable, LAN cable, coaxial cable, ribbon wire & non-heat shrink cable PVC tubing, shield cables, radio/ TV & audio/ video appliance cable and the like. Wish a specialized engineering staff, Ta Heng can respond to new market demands by rapidly developing new products. We are confident that our products will bring you higher working efficiency and better products. Ta Heng always keeps on R&D to develop more products for the market and innovating the most advanced products for our customers. We satisfy the different requirements of our clients, and at the same time, maintain a strict standard of the details during manufacturing process. Our quality has earned an international reputation for high quality control, prompt delivery, competitive prices, durability, and good after-service.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mrs. Judy Fang
Telephone: 886-6-2793716
Fax: 886-6-2793479
Address: No. 149, Yi Lin Road, Jen Teh Hsiang, Tainan Hsien 71752, Taiwan
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