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Shihlin Electric & Engineering Corp.


Shihlin Electric & Engineering Corp.

electromechanics- (1) breaker switchgear & system- MCCB/ MCB, earth leakage circuit breakers, air circuit breaker, magnetic switches, magnetic contactor, magnetic control relay, thermal overload relays, push buttons, surge absorbers, automatic transfer switch. (2) heavy electric systems- power transformers, cast resin transformer, dry type mold cast resin transformer, oil immersed distribution transformer, pad mounted & pole mounted transformers, PCT ( potential current transformer), high voltage switch, lightning arrestor, High & low voltage power capacitors, switchgears, motor control centers. (3) automobile & motorcycle equipment system- auto electrical parts, alternators, starter motors, wiper motor, fan motor, blower motors, washer tanks, fuel pumps, ignition coils, HID ballasts, power window switch, wiper amplifiers, side-view mirror controllers, DC motor controller, shift gear control units, power window switch panels, EGR control valve, AC generator, Dc motors, gearmotors, transaxle motor. (4) factory automation- inverters, micro computer temperature controller, digital video recorders (DVRs), color CCD cameras, box camera, dome camera, infrared ( IR) camera, speed dome camera. (5) system engineering- automatic handling system, buffer station, loader/ unloaders, glass conveyor, cassette conveyors, building monitoring system block diagram. (6) digital image solution- battery charger packs, camera bags, toys, MP3 players, speakers, recorders, digital camera, usb flash pen drive, memory cards, GPS navigation devices.

Established in 1955, SHIHLIN ELECTRIC & ENGINEERING CORPORATION has expanded its operations from basic construction to public works, from the development of electrical power resources to assisting in industry upgrade. In retrospect, the development of the company has been closely associated with the economic growth in Taiwan. The company has been persistent in its firm belief of “improvement over time”in running the operation and in corporate development. Our comprehensive product lines include circuit breakers, magnetic switches, surge absorbers, oil immersed transformers, cast resin power transformers, auto electrical parts, alternators, starter motors, AC generator, Dc motors, gearmotors, inverters, digital video recorders, color CCD cameras, speed dome, automatic handling system and so on. We have been a leader in the domestic market with advanced technology in heavy electrical systems, electrical equipment, machinery and automation for a long time. In the overseas market, we've also performed splendidly after cautious deployment and hard work. With sustained growth in revenue from domestic and overseas sources, the company has engaged in joint ventures with famous international firms in ODM and OEM production. This has strengthened the capacity of the company in research and development as well as manufacturing to international standards in terms of specifications and technological know-how. The involvement in digital image channels and optoelectronic and system integration symbolizes the transformation and diversification of the company and its effort in developing the international market. For proper global deployment, the company has efficiently merged production and sales to speed up its e-operations. The company also invites quality talent on board and continues to invest and expand its R&D team. These moves add momentum to the company in moving towards the goal of globalization. We are ready for the challenges of the future – a magnificent vision, a blueprint for deployment, core competence strategy and the best quality human resources are all in place. Now, the company cannot wait to enter the international market and take part in global competition.
Categories: Auto Glasses Auto Mirrors Car Amplifiers Car Buffers Car Inverters Car Relays Ignition Switches Motorcycle Battery Chargers Power Window Motors Engine Oil Pumps Engine Valves HID Lights Car Wash Equipment Gear Shifts Engine Cooling Fans Motorcycle Engines Motorcycle Fuel Tanks Valve Bags Air Bags Camera Bags Hand Bag Manufacturers Digital Memory Cards Flash Drives Memory Card Manufacturers USB Drives USB Pens Drives Computer Memorys Computer Memory Flash Cards Flash Memory Flash Memorys Monitor Switches Temperature Monitors Digital PC Cameras Computer Cameras PC Digital Video Camera PC Video Cameras USB PC Cameras Computer Speakers computer video cameras Infrared Camera Manufacturers PC Cameras USB Cameras USB Fans USB Flash Drive USB Lights Video Cameras Portable Video Players Computer Bags Car Mp3 Players Digital Mp3 Players Flash MP3 Players MP3 Manufacturers MP3 Player Manufacturers USB MP3 Manufacturers Speaker Boxes Cassette Player PA Amplifiers Power Amplifiers Digital Video Recorders Digital Video Recorder Manufacturers Camera Bag Manufacturers Camera Systems Memo Recorder Manufacturer Cassette Players Circuit Breaker Manufacturers Electrical Contactors Electrical Contactor Electrical Starters High Voltage Generators Switchgears Transfer Switch Blow Molding Thermal Pads Micro Speakers Monitor Speakers Speaker Parts Battery Boxes Battery Pack Manufacturers AC Switches Automatic Transfer Switches Push Button Light Switches Speaker Switches Temperature Switches Thermal Switches MCCB, Molded Case Circuit Breakers Contactor Manufacturers DC Blowers DC Contactors Fan Controllers Magnetic Contactors AC DC Inverters AC Inverters DC Inverters Electrical Inverters Inverter Charger AC DC Transformers Cast Resin Transformer High Voltage Transformers Inverter Transformers Oil Immersed Transformer Fuel Pump Relays Overload Relays Power Relays Relay Boxes Thermal Relays High Voltage Capacitors Power Capacitors AC Contactors Battery Contacts Surge Arrestors High Voltage Inverters AC Capacitors Blower Motors Car Amplifier Manufacturers Circuit Breakers Digital Camera Battery Electrical Circuit Breaker Electrical Generators Generator Suppliers, Generator Manufacturers Inverter Motors Motor Controllers AC Motor Speed Control, DC Motor Speed Control Electrical Relay Video Switches Mirror Balls Mirror Ball Color Boxes Air Control Valves Surge Valves Tank Valve Manufacturers GearBox, Gear Box Manufacturers Ball Transfer Units IR Controllers Speed Controllers Blower Fans Gear Transaxle Generator Manufacturers DC Generators Electric Generators Generator Parts Manufacturers Power Generators Magnet Buttons Magnetic Buttons Conveyor Manufacturers Switchgear Manufacturers Fuel Pumps Magnetic Drive Pump Oil Transfer Pumps Dome Cameras AC Fan Motors AC Motor Controllers AC Motor Speed Control AC Motor Starters DC Gearmotors DC Motor Controllers DC Motor Manufacturer Micro DC Motors Electric Car Motors Electric Fan Motors Motor Speed Control Motor Speed Controllers Fuel Tank Oil Tanks Air Bag Manufacturers Car Lights Mirror Manufacturers HID Systems Electric Starters Dome Lights Ball Pens Digital Video Cameras Mirror Mounts Auto Mirror, Cars Mirrors IR Cameras Magnetic Stripe Cards CCD Manufacturers Auto Loaders Breaker Manufacturers Conveyors Systems Fuel Tank Manufacturers GPS Navigation Systems Building Blocks Building Toy Manufacturers Toy Balls Switch Boxes
Country: Taiwan
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