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Inverter Motors

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Listings of Inverter Motors Manufacturers & Inverter Motors Suppliers

Toptek Electronics Corporation : Inverter Motors

We manufacture electronic & electrical components, computers & PC peripherals, and security & safety products, including AC motor drives and motor drive accessories - AC drives, variable frequency drives, variable speed drives, motor control, motor speed control, AC inverters, frequency converters.

Delta Electronics, Inc. : Inverter Motors

(1) power management product lines- switching power supplies, DC/ DC converters, UPS ( uninterruptible power systems), telecom power, AC DC power system, AC DC rectifiers, DC AC inverter, AC/DC adapters, electronic ballasts, energy-saving ballast, LED backlight drivers, power supply products. (2) visual displays- digital projectors, home theater projector, video display products. (3) components- EMI filters, DC brushless fans & blowers, spindle & stepping moters, water pumps, LCD backlight inverters, power ...

Wellmike Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Inverter Motors

computer accessory ( accessories)- security proximeters, laptop computer light, USB flexi-neck light, ultra-bright LED, USB mini fans, USB fan-n-lite bugs, wifi-n-spy finders, USB mini cleaners, notebook cameras, notebook cable lock alarms, USB mini fan-n-lite, hi-speed USB2.0 4-port hubs, VGA web cam. (2) home safety & security products & system- super mini alarms, mini strobe alarms, slim alarms, safety alarm flashers, personal alarms, q-alarms, super mini alarms, mini traveler alarms, mini window alarms,...

Shihlin Electric & Engineering Corp. : Inverter Motors

electromechanics- (1) breaker switchgear & system- MCCB/ MCB, earth leakage circuit breakers, air circuit breaker, magnetic switches, magnetic contactor, magnetic control relay, thermal overload relays, push buttons, surge absorbers, automatic transfer switch. (2) heavy electric systems- power transformers, cast resin transformer, dry type mold cast resin transformer, oil immersed distribution transformer, pad mounted & pole mounted transformers, PCT ( potential current transformer), high voltage switch, li...

Hao Thing Electricity Machinery Co., Ltd. : Inverter Motors

(1) Shock Absorber (Suspension): Spot Welding Machine ( equipments), Butt Welding Machines, Aluminum Welding Machines, Projection Welding Machine, Condenser Type Projection Welding Machine, Seam Welding Machine, Muffler Seamers, Machines Seaming Silencers, Automatic Welding Seamers, NC Welding Machinery, Capping Machine (Sealing Machine), Automatic Punching Machine, Hydraulic Adjusting Machine, Leaking tester, Transistor H.F. Hardening Machine, Automatic Robotic CO2 Welding Machine, Nitrogen Aerator and so ...

Maxthermo-Gitta Group Corp. : Inverter Motors

Since 1978, Maxthermo-Gitt is the most professional team in the industry for providing automation appliances- PLCs ( programmable logic controllers), Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), PID temperature controllers, PID Temp. modules, panel PCs, industrial touch monitors, servo motors ( drivers), inertia motor, IGBT space vector inverters. (2) control instruments- timers, counters, SSR ( solid state relays), miniature S.C.R. ( SCR) power regulators, digital counters, voltage detecting protecting relays, industri...

San Shiah Electric Co., Ltd. : Inverter Motors

(1) electric motor, electrical motor, electronic motor, DC motor, DC electric motor, AC motor, AC vector motor.
(2) control system- automatic control, machine control, printing machine control.
(3) control parts- DC driver, electronic impulse control, brake controller, position variation detector, tension load call, ratio controller, speed controller, inverter, programmable controller, man-machine interface, power brake, automatic register system, less friction cylinder, precision pressure re...

Zhengda Mechanical & Electrical Fittings Co., Ltd. : Inverter Motors

industrial components, parts & devices- air compressors, screw air compressor, roots blowers, axial blowers, centrifugal blowers, centrifugal fans, micro motors, explosion proof motor, brake motors, electromagnetic adjustable speed asynchronous motor, pumps, vacuum pump, industry pumps, centrifugal pump, diffuser pumps, axial flow pump, submersible pumps, hydraulic gear pump, inverters, electromotors, speed reducers, worm gear speed reducer, cycloid needle wheel reducers, bearings, industrial ball bearings,...

Homei Electron Shang Hai Co., Ltd. : Inverter Motors

linear actuators, linear actuator, gear reducer motors, double shaft gear reducer, gear reducers, small type worm reducer, gearmotors, AC/ DC miniature gear motor, lift frequency conversion electrical motors, ac induction motor, dynamotors, marine generators, diesel generator, inverters, AC DC solenoids, worm gear linear actuators, transmission mechanism, electromagnetic cluth & brake unit, full automatic clothes hanger shaping machines.

Mashin Electric Corp. : Inverter Motors

Manufacturer of battery chargers, lead-acid battery chargers, electronic battery chargers for generators, bracket, crane, electric motorcycles and electric scooters, DC to AC power inverters.

Minchuen Elec. Mach. Co. : Inverter Motors

industrial ( industry) motors supply ( supplies)- gear motors, gear motor, parking gear reducer motor brakes, inverter gear reducer motors, shafts, pinions, mechanical transmissions, induction motor 1 & 3 phases, vertical parking elevator & horizontal parking gear motors, general purpose gear motors.

Power King Technology Corporation. : Inverter Motors

On- line- pure sine wave UPS, Off- line- sine wave UPS( uninterruptible power supplies),
Off- line PWM simulated sine wave UPS, AVR( automatic voltage regulators),
automatic battery charges, DC- to- AC power supply, supplies, DC to AC converter,
AC motor speed control inverter.

TECH-G Interional Co., Ltd. : Inverter Motors

Manufacturer of power booster, jump start, miter saw, water pumps, submersible water pumps, brushless dc motors, potentiometer for scooter, AC DC motors, armature/ field for universal motor, cut off machines, air & power tools, welding & plasma cutting machine, dc inverter welder & plasma cutting machine, spool welding guns, electric drill, angle grinder, air impact tools.

Cutes Corporation : Inverter Motors

ac motor, dc motor, electric motor, electrical motor, electronic motor, customized electric motor- DC motor, DC electric motor & DC motor control for industrial requirement, AC inverters, servo motor and driver, liquid ring vacuum pumps ( booster vacuum system ), magnet DC motors, vector control and motor, vacuum pumps, root's blowers.

Aleader International( HK) Ltd. : Inverter Motors

(1) wind turbine systems & accessory- wind power generators ( 150w to 50kw), vertical wind turbines, hybrid renewable energy ( wind-solar) systems, blades, power control center, inverters, motors and other accessories for wtgs. (2) aluminum products- Aluminium billets. (3) shipping & logistics services.

Rhymebus Corporation : Inverter Motors

electronic power supply/ supplies- electric motor control, electrical motor control, AC motor controller, AC drive, AC inverter, frequency inverters, remote controllers, auxiliary control equipment.

Shang Chin Co., Ltd. : Inverter Motors

AC drive, TG600 flux vector control inverter, IGBT inverters, energy
efficient, built-in serial communication, precise control over a wide
speed range, reliable torque control, servo-like response, the ultimate
drive for most applications, drive, AC drive, controller, inverter, AC motor speed.

Adlee Industrial Co., Ltd. : Inverter Motors

electrical & electronic products- multi-function inverter,
inverter driving induction motor, clutch motor, industrial fan motors.

Minchden Electrical Machinery : Inverter Motors

MCN gear motor, brake geared motors, gear inverter motor,
direct plug- in reducer, parking device system geared brake motor,
vertical tatung induction motor, low temp induction motors,
precision cision geared motor, electrical non actuated brake,
motor hub machining, geabox assembly, dual/ shaft geared,
also offer OEM service.

Superb Electric Co., Ltd. : Inverter Motors

motor including single& three phase sensitive motor, brake sensitive
motor- aluminum alloy range, inverter duty motor, sbvt break motor,
aluminum alloy brake vertical& horizontal motor, small gear reducer,
pump, miniature gear speed reducer, brake motor, limit changing motor,
frequency changing motor and general or special motor.


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