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Hawk Electronics Co., Ltd.


Hawk Electronics Co., Ltd.

electronic components & parts- (1) power transformers, AC DC ( AC to DC) & AC AC ( AC to AC) adapters ( adaptors), converters, switching power supply ( supplies), battery chargers, power & AC to DC inverters, ballasts, audio frequency & line matching transformers. (2) single-sided & carbon & silver boards. (3) silver ink jumper & carbon-printed PCB, LED lightings. (4) audio & video products- home theater system, Hi-Fi speaker & 3D & surround speaker system, multimedia PC audio system, car speakers & subwoofers, car separate system, marine & in-wall speakers system, subwoofer & amplifier accessory ( accessories). (5) silicone steel laminating transformers, common mode chokes, coil & transformers, tape & reel packing, PCB assembly ( assemblies), soft ferrite coil, SMD coils & transformers, SMD power inductors.

Manufacturer of electronic components, such as transformer, adaptors, power supply, speaker, amplifier, PC boards, inverter, battery charger, single/ multiple layers PC boards, CKD, SKD.
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Country: Taiwan
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A & Adcon Electronic Co., Ltd.

electronic components & parts- RCA plugs, RCA jacks, mini RCA plugs & jacks, cable terminals, binding posts, banana plugs & jacks, tip plugs, push terminals, push terminal boards, adapters ( adaptors), mini microphone connectors, DIN plugs & jacks, metal connectors, XLR microphone matching transformers, plastic enclosures, AC sockets, AC adaptors, jack terminal boards, TV coaxial, Mini DIN plugs & jacks, , PLCC sockets, adaptor molding ( molding), centronic connectors, fuse holders, automotive cigarette plu

Cheng Pu Electronic Co., Ltd.

cars stereo equipments& system, audio& video electronic components, connector system, Hi-Fi/
video cables, adaptors, mono jacks, stereo jacks, RCA plug torca jacks, mini blade fuses and
power fuses, O.F.C. audio& video cable assembly, assemblies, XLR microphone matching

Jeng Yu Electronic Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of electronic, electrical parts & components, including magnetic ballasts, fluorescent lamps ballasts, hid electronic ballasts, electronic dimmable ballast, UV lamp ballasts, T8 electronic ballasts circuit diagram, self ballasted sockets, step dimming T8 ballasts, MH ballast, inverter transformers, high voltage transformers, pulse transformers, matching transformers, transformer inductors, rectifiers transformers, power factor collector chokes, distribution transformers.

Far Long Electric Co., Ltd.

power/ toroidal transformers, work coils, chokes, line filters, auto transformers, matching transformers.

Audio Power Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer & exporter of car audio amplifiers, including digital car audio power amplifier, vacuum tube car audio power amplifier, Hi-Fi digital power amplifier, etc.

In-Young Electronic Co., Ltd.

we manufacture electronic products, audio & video products- (1) amplifiers- karaoke, professional stereo & wireless portable PA amplifiers. (2) microphones- wireless VHF microphones, UHF & dynamic microphones, desktop microphones. (3) wireless portable PA systems. (4) speakers- MP3 player radio, subwoofer & Hi Fi speakers. (5) others products- television mixers, video wall remote control karaoke players, cassette recorders, CD players, digital video recorders, digital voice recorders, DVD ( Digital Video Di

Zhongshan Zhensheng Electroacoustical Factory

full range speaker, full range speakers, wooters, tweeters, subwoofer boxes, rear mount speakers, car amplifiers, car speaker suits, audio players.

Taiwan Timing Electronic Co., Ltd.

power amplifier, RF amplifier, karaoke AMP, home equalizer, remote dimmer, pre amplifier, car amplifier, P.I.R control, PA system AMP, P.L.R remote control, microphone mixer, multimedia AMP, integrated ST. amplifier, professional mixer, surround processor, cassette player, multimedia subwoofer, VCD/ CD player, FM/ AM tuners, active crossover, subwoofer AMP, audio ( lighting switches) products, speaker, concrete mixer .

Audio Power Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of car audio power amplifiers, vacuum tube audio amplifiers, and full mosfet amplifiers, vacuum tube pre-amp, Hi-Fi digital power amplifiers, electronics crossovers and parametric per amps, PA systems, mono block amplifiers, subwoofer combine amplifiers, hi-end car acoustic products, parametric equalizers, class-A amplifiers, home vacuum tube amplifiers, Hi-level converters, etc. OEM/ODM orders are welcomed.

Vistar Audio Co., Ltd.

audio products & equipments- satellite actives audio set (for home theater subwoofer amplifiers), class-D amplifiers, professional amplifiers, car power amplifiers, mono car power amplifiers.


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