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RaYing Industrial Co., Ltd.


RaYing Industrial Co., Ltd.

Fasteners manufacturer of (1) flange & hex head cap screws, carriage & machines screws, wood hex lag screws, self tapping & drywall screws, socket head cap screws, furnishing screws, construction bolts, t head bolts & square head screws, thumb screws & roofing screws, window & weld screws, set & electronics screws, wing & wheel screws, track bolts, alloy steel & brass screws, chipboard & collated screws, euro screws, high tensile screws, hex low screws, longer screws, J bolts, micro screws, self drilling screw, particle board screw, thread forming & rolling screw, sems screws, special screws, titanium screw, SS machine screw, bi metal screws, anchors, cars screw, screw clamps, cap screw, masonry screw, slotted screw, concrete screw, thumb screw, screw eyes, ball screw, security screw. (2) nuts- hex flange nuts, domed & hex cap nuts, weld and nylon insert luck nuts, square nuts, high coupling nuts, T & U nuts, KEP & wing nuts, hex jam & castle nuts, blind nuts & rivet nuts, lug nuts, insert nut, wing nut, wire nut, lock nuts, tee nut, rivet nuts, structural nut, acorn nut. (3) washers- plain circle washers, tooth lock washers, pressure washers, lock washer, conical washer, rubber washer, flat washer, EPDM washer, bonded washer. (4) others- thread rods, rivet, pins, sleeve anchors, wedge anchor. (5) screwdrivers bits, nut drivers. (6) OEM.

RaYing Industrial Co., Ltd. is a superior fasteners supplier for many kinds of standard fasteners and special parts worldwide. By years of development, we expand the full of production ranges, including hex cap screws, chipboard screws, drywall screws, self drilling crews, concrete screws, tapping screws, flange screws, weld bolts, socket cap screws, weld nuts, hex nuts, nylon insert lock nuts, flange nuts, square nuts, flat washers, spring washers, OEM to meet customers' demands. Our production lines are manufactured by different plants and stride across Taiwan, Vietnam and China. We supply fasteners in domestic market and export to East-South Asia, North America, European, Middle-East...overseas market. Besides, we keep long-term co-operation with many professional manufactures in Taiwan, Vietnam and Mainland China. We strictly control the technique flows in order to provide customers for high quality of all products. Our products meet the requirements of the customers in premium-quality and complete-grade. We build QC management system and ensure the all products in accordance with ANSI/ASME, DIN, ISO, BSW, and JIS standards anytime. RaYing also provide the fasteners in various surface finish such as plain, black oxide, zinc plated, nickle plated, hot dip galvanized, dacromet black phosphate, geomet and so on. RaYing ever committed high quality, competitive (reasonable) prices, and accurate delivery and get every client’s satisfied. We are every proud and have pleasure to grow great business with the clients each other in fastener world. We insist on good reputations to serve customers sincerely and welcome more partners come from domestic and oversea to contact us for future co-operation. We are confident to be your reliable partners in the near future.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Ms. Lita Fan
Telephone: 886-6-5960588
Fax: 886-6-5961042
Address: No. 1, Singjhong St., Guanmiao Township, Tinan Country, 718, Taiwan
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