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ShenZhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd.


ShenZhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of drink equipment, products include (1) water dispensers- water fountains, stainless steel cup dispensers. (2) water treatment equipment- reverse osmosis equipment filter tanks, water vending machines, auto water softeners, oxygen/ ozone water generators, RO membrane filter housing, QY gas-liquid mixing pumps, CDL light vertical multistage centrifugal pumps, dosing machines, ozone blender machines, seawater desalinators. (3) filling machineries and support equipment- bottle water rinsing/ washer/ filler / capper equipment, bottle support equipment, oil filling machines, liquid packing machines, injection blow molding machines. (4) packaging machineries- auto labeling machines, coding machines & ink jet printers. (5) air purify equipment and laboratory equipment. (6) accessories- taps, heaters, float-valves, hot water tanks, cold water tanks, water dispenser fast sterilize, water faucets, 10'' filtrate bottles, RO pipes, granule packers, caps, racks, pre-forms.

ShenZhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of leading enterprise in drink equipment industries in China, who supply several of drink machineries for the customers all over the world. J&D is a hi-tech designing & manufacture enterprise specialized in beverage producing & packing complete lines and various water treatment equipment. It is one of the earliest companies engaging in manufacturing liquid filling and packing equipments in China. Now J&D have become excellent manufacturer to supply series of hi-tech producing lines with the highest technologies for drink industries. J&D company own total 50000㎡ factory area, 20000 ㎡ building area and 1500 staff. J&D also holds total fixed assets more than 80 millions US dollars and annual Sales of over 500 million US dollars to all over the world. J&D is one of the first enterprises who earn ISO9001 Certificate in the beverage industry field in China, most of drink equipments produced by J&D are CE, TUV, GS, ETL, UL, SASO, ROHS or CSA approved. On the basis of over 30 years of experiences in manufacturing beverage equipments, J&D also continuously imported many relevant advanced technologies from Germany, USA, Italy, UK to improve the equipment quality and managing system.
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Country: China
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Contact Person: Mr. Peter Tang
Telephone: 86-755-88321071
Fax: 86-755-88302986
Address: Unit 1412-1413, Cyber Times Tower A, Tianan Cyber Park, FuTian District, ShenZhen City, Guangdong 518040, China
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