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Horman Co., Ltd. (1)


Horman Co., Ltd. (1)

telecommunication equipments, CATV, MATV and SMATV equipments & accessory- (1) antennas- taps, line amplifiers, satellite taps, TV antennas, TV aerials. (2) splitters- satellite & TV splitters, FM ban rejection filters, variable attenuators, attenuator power pass, mixers & separators, triplexers, diplexers, VHF and UHF separators, VHF high & low separators, outdoor & indoor baluns. (3) TV wall outlets plates- skirting & isolated & dual skirting outlet, double ( triplet, quadruple, sixfold) wall plates. (4) coach screws, screw eyes, turnbuckles, trimbles, guy wire & mast head clamps, matching U bolts, backing plates, plaster brackets, rubber boots, cable ties, HDTV outdoor antennas. (5) connectors & adaptors ( adapters)- audio plug & video adapters, couplers, distributors, push & seal connectors, screw terminating F connectors, coaxial plugs & sockets. (6) compression crimping tools, coaxial cable strippers, rotary coaxial cable strippers, tightening tools, coaxial cable cutters & strippers. (7) leads ( cables)- audio & optical fiber ( fibre) leads, video cables.

Horman Co., Ltd., established in 1980s' and as a leading exporter of safety equipment in Taiwan. Our products obtain high appreciation from most of our worldwide clients cause the competitive price, excellent quality, and punctual delivery. We can supply below items with CE, ANSI & CSA Approval, all the items can be packed in bulk or economics packing to comply with your requests. For over 20 years, we have relied on ”Honesty, Resolution & Responsibility" to serve our customers. And we always follow the philosophy of "Honesty & Sincerity, Pursuit of Excellence & Everlasting Presence “with the policy of "Total Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction are our best Guarantee." We hope can provide the highest quality standards, in both of our products and service to our customers. We are sincerely hoping that you will find some of them interesting and have the opportunity to let's create mutual benefits very soon.
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Country: Taiwan
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Soontai Tech Co., Ltd.

low pass filter, high pass filter, band pass filter, trap filter, tier trap filter,
window filter, attenuator, power inserter, line amplifier, CATV amplifiers.

Good Mind Industrials Co,. Ltd.

telecommunication equipments including stereo satellite receivers, antenna positioners,
multi-receivers H/V selection switches, LNBS/ LMBFS, satellite distribution amplifiers/
dish setting monitors& finders, splitters& power divides, CATV/ MATV equipments, cable
television converters, outdoor antenna/ multi- taps boosters, indoor amplifiers, signal
combiners, transformers, filters, other video accessories.

ACE Media Co., Ltd.

computer& electronic products including bobbins, buzzers, capacitors, CATV/ MATV/
ceramic components, coils, baluns, chokes, cooling fans, CPU coolers, crystal filters
( oscillators/ resonators/ quartz), diodes, ferrite cores/ bars/ EI, fuse holders,
heatsinks, inductors, connectors, cables, lamps& accessories, machinery, optoelectronic
products, powers, semiconductors, switches...

Cablesat International Co., Ltd.

1. CATV connectors, F connectors ( RG6 connectors, F adapter ), CATV
hardline connectors, attenuator, DC block, 75 OHM coaxial connectors.
2. CATV indoor passives ( indoor splitter, indoor tap)
3. CATV filters( high pass filter, low pass filters, band pass filters,
trap filters )
4. satellite splitters, satellite taps.
5. crimp tool.

Power Age Products Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of CATV and CCTV products, including video encoders, CATV scramblers, CATV decoders, CATV QAM modulators, CATV encoders, CATV indoor splitters, CATV optical transmitters, CATV outdoor taps, CATV connectors, CATV amplifiers, CATVV outdoors passives, CATV connectors, CCTV standard cameras, IR cameras, Dome cameras, standalone DVR, mobile surveillances, twisted pairs distribution, AV to VGA high resolution video converters, infrared illuminators, and etc.

Cyberland Co., Ltd.

Manufacture of electronic & electrical components include (1) HDMI cables & accessories- HDMI/DVI cable, HDMI switch (extender, adapter, wall plate, splitter). (2) display ports- displayport cable/adaptor. (3) i-Pod cables- iPod splitter, connection cable. (4) USB cables- (IEEE 1394, USB 2.0 A to B type, USB 2.0 A to A type) cable. (5) interconnect cables- audio interconncets, composite/RCA, video interconnects) cables. (6) digital & coaxial cables- plastic/glass optical cable. (7) DVI cables- single/dual l...

ACI Communications, Inc.

Manufacturer of CATV related equipment, such as (1) HFC headends- optical network headend platforms, forward receivers/ transmitters, EDFA amplifiers, forward receivers. (2) optical nodes- outdoor optical transmitters, 4 output optical nodes, 1GHz optical nodes, high output optical receiver FTTB nodes, indoor optical nodes. (3) RF amplifiers- RF distribution amplifiers, extender amplifiers, multiple dwelling (MDU) RF amplifiers, drop amplifiers, power inserters. (4) FTTx networks- video FTTH optical network...

Haining Sunparl Information Technology Co., Ltd.

external antennas, RF components, combiners, splitters, couplers, lightning arresters, digital TV antennas, CDMA and GSM antennas, terminal antennas, passive components.


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