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Greatness Sanitary Industrial Co., Ltd.


Greatness Sanitary Industrial Co., Ltd.

Main products include food service equipments, plumbing fittings, various faucets, food service fittings, pre-rinse units, overflow tubes, washing machine valves, pipe risers, hose assembly, wall brackets, hose hooks, pipe to hose adapters, insulated hose grips, pot fillers, spray valve assembly, wash machine outlet boxes, waste drains, basket drains, handles, scoops, wires products, fry baskets, fry screens, castings products, coffee sets, gas hoses, quick disconnectors, spouts, iced tea and beverage dispensers, handles, foot pedals, knee action valves, handle wastes, basket strainers, overflow heads, drain outlet reducer bushings, sink drains, soap dispensers, bonnets, mixing valves, angled sprays, swirl inlet fittings, washerless faucets, faucet sprays, bathroom plumbing fixtures, OEM, etc.

Greatness Sanitary Industrial Co., Ltd. (GSI) was established in 1978, we offer faucets, fittings, coffee machines, iced tea and beverage dispensers, along with a host of custom products as specified by clients. During the time, we developed and implemented several unique design improvements, many of which were adopted by the industry and are still in use today. Due to the level of success in the residential plumbing market, we opted to branch out in Taiwan to develop OEM products for the commercial plumbing industry, including supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and other foodservice related institutions. Since inception, GSI has adopted and maintained the philosophy that defines our company. A philosophy we call 'Leading the Way'. This doctrine is comprised of four parts: exceptional customer support; continuous product improvement via new production methods and technology; constant product and market expansion; maintaining the highest quality standards within the industry. These four points have resulted in GSI now holding the position of market leader both in terms of quality and performance. Our products are now represented not only worldwide, but also on all seven continents. In the future, we will be pleasure to continue to help clients Lead the Way to succeed.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Emma Chung
Telephone: 886-4-7680872
Fax: 886-4-7680873
Address: No. 198, Maming Rd., Xiushui Township, Changhua, Taiwan, Changhua County 50442, Taiwan
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