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Delta Electronics, Inc.


Delta Electronics, Inc.

(1) power management product lines- switching power supplies, DC/ DC converters, UPS ( uninterruptible power systems), telecom power, AC DC power system, AC DC rectifiers, DC AC inverter, AC/DC adapters, electronic ballasts, energy-saving ballast, LED backlight drivers, power supply products. (2) visual displays- digital projectors, home theater projector, video display products. (3) components- EMI filters, DC brushless fans & blowers, spindle & stepping moters, water pumps, LCD backlight inverters, power inductors, ceramic & ferrite chip inductors, chokes, transformers, optical electric components, fiber optical transceivers, ADSL/ VDSL splitters, VDSL filters, xDSL transformers, RJ45 module jacks & connectors, magnetic components, automotive components, fans, motors, networking component, thermal management products. (4) networking products- gigabit ethernet switches, PoE switch, broadband access, ADSL IP DSLM, WiFi access points, WiFi gateway routers, WiFi clients, power line communication, USB WiFi adapters, VoIP gatway, networked media players, cardbus adaptors, SOHO networking equipments. (5) automotive media accessories- wireless digital media displays, side view TFT LCD display, in-vehicle video system, tire pressure monitoring systems ( TPMS), MFI ( multiple frequencies impedance) sensor, engine control unit ( ECU), engine management system ( EMS). (6) others- AC motor drive, servo motor drives, rotary optical encoders, programmable logic controller ( PLC), temperature controller, tachometer, industrial communication modules.

Established in 1971, Delta Group is the world's largest provider of switching power supplies and brushless fans. As a global leader in power electronics. Our mission is- To provide innovative energy-saving products for a better quality of life. Our design process is based on Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) providing a stringent and accelerated design cycle while ensuring product quality and reliability. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified, and all share common quality and measurement systems. In recent years we have developed high-density and high-efficiency telecommunication power systems, UPS ( uninterruptible power supply) with advanced interfaces, computer networking components and products with high software content, microdisplay PTVs, and many others. Contact us at any of our worldwide Sales Offices or via email to find out how we can help.
Categories: Filter Nets Car LCD Monitors Automotive Wire Connectors Car Inverters Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Drive Lines Engine Cooling Fans Industrial Tires Tachometers EMS Units Energy Water Ceramic Fibers LCD Display Drivers Lcd Display Modules TFT Displays Power Supply Fans LCD Drivers LCD Monitor Drivers LCD Projectors TFT LCD Manufacturer Industrial Monitors LCD Video Monitors Monitor Switches Temperature Monitors Projectors Projectors Manufacturer USB Fans Portable Video Players Router Manufacturers ADSL Filters ADSL Wireless Routers Ethernet Switch Network Switches Routers Usb Router Adsl VDSL VOIP ADSL Routers Voip Wholesale Wireless ADSL Router Programmable Power Supply USB Transceivers Home Theater Manufacturers LCD Advertising Player Fan Manufacturers Industrial Fans Rotary Switch Manufacturers Tfts Controllers RJ45 Connectors ST & LC Connectors Fiber Optics Fiber Optic Transceivers AC DC The Jacks DC Jacks DC Power Jacks Power Jacks TFT Controllers Pressure Switch Rotary Switches Temperature Switches Thermal Switches DC Blowers DC Fans Fan Controllers Thermal Management Fiber Optic Adapters Network Adapters Switching Adaptor USB Adapters, USB Adaptors Wireless Adapters DC DC Converters Power Converter AC DC Inverters AC Inverters DC Inverters AC DC Transformers Inverter Transformers Rectifier Transformers Lcd Power Supply Programmable DC Power Supplies Uninterruptible Power Systems Encoder Manufacturers Magnetic Sensor Rotary Encoders Ferrite Magnets Ferrite Manufacturers Transformer Inductor Backlight LCD Modules TFT LCD Modules LCD Controllers AC Line Filters EMI Filters Power Line Filters Rectifier Manufacturers Electronic Ballasts Encoders Ferrites rotary encoder LED Module Optical Switches Inductors Power Splitters Ethernet Switches AC DC Converters AC Servo Motors, DC Servo Motor Blower Motors Brushless Motors Ceramic Filters Inverter Motors LED Digit Displays LED Video Display Motor Controllers Motor Drivers Rectifiers Rotary Switch Temperature Sensors Video Switches Home Theater Furniture Magnetic Sensors Brushless Controllers Blower Fans Industrial Fan Water Fans Fan Filters Industrial Blowers Magnet Filters Magnetic Filters Magnetic Drive Pump Rotary Pumps Fiber Optic Splitters Line Filters AC Motor Controllers Brushless AC Motors DC Motor Controllers AC Servo Motors DC Servo Motors Brushless Motor Electric Car Motors Electric Fan Motors Home Motors Industrial Motor Control Voip Gateways Optical Equipments Card Access Control Magnetic Stripe Cards Network Access Controls Video Access Control Motor Spindles Fiber Optic Equipments ADSL Providers ADSL Routers ADSL Splitters Wireless Broadband Routers Communication Equipments Ethernet Adapters Ethernet Cards Fiber Transceiver Gigabit Ethernets Network Routers Power Line Networking VOIP Equipments Voip Products Voip Gateway Voip Providers VoIP Switching Voip Systems Voip Wireless Routers Telecom Connectors Access Point WiFi Wireless Gateways Wireless Routers Telecom Equipments Wireless Adapter, Wireless USB Adapters
Country: Taiwan
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