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Unique Vision Technology (HK) Co., Ltd.


Unique Vision Technology (HK) Co., Ltd.

We provide wireless CCTV cameras, CCTV surveillance cameras, IP CCTV, CCTV lens, CCTV CCDs, security CCTV systems, stand-alone DVRs, IR water-proof camera, dome CCD cameras, box CCD cameras, hidden CCD camera, mini CCD camera, bullet CCD camera, speed dome, DVR cards, IP camera, mini DVR camera, wireless camera, car rear view systems, CCTV housing, CCTV bracket, CCTV power supply, cables, UTP video Balun, pan/tilt scanner, CCTV lens, CCTV sound monitors, color quad and multiplexer, etc. OEM and ODM are welcome.

Unique Vision Technology (HK) Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 in Shenzhen to produce security products. Since then, we've grown into a fully automated manufacturer providing fast, high-quality OEM/ ODM services in CCTV systems. Our products include: CCTV CCD cameras, wireless CCTV cameras, stand alone DVRs, DVR cards, high speed domes, IP cameras, video servers, CCTV lenses, CCTV housings, CCTV brackets, surveillance power supplies, video baluns, multiplexers, color quads and other related products. Close proximity to a number of quality component suppliers gives us shorter lead times and a greater ability to meet specific requirements. And with our experiences, you can count on us to find cost effective production methods for competitive outsourcing. Plus, we take advantage of world-class export and transportation infrastructure to guarantee tight delivery schedules. For speed, accuracy, and consistency on your next order, email us today.
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Country: China
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